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Feelin’ the Ford

I think for many, a Ford, is like comfort food, automobile style. You know, the bread and butter on the Sunday dinner table; known, trusted, comfortable. My mom had a Fiesta when I was in junior high, but they look way different today and quite honestly the improvement is really an improvement.

When I looked at Fords before, there were several I really liked. This week I took a little time to look again at a couple of Fiesta’s at Deery Ford of Iowa. They have both a 2013 and 2014 available and each looks a little different.


In Race Red this looks like a race car.


Image Source: Deery Brother’s Ford

Priced just over $17K, it’s hard to not look at this car. The price is right and the color is sexy. I like the headlights, they kind of look like cat eyes.

There are a lot of features that are standard and so far, I think this one offers the best mileage at 27 on surface roads and 38 on the highway. Between the price and the gas savings, this could be it.


Same car, different year and different color, this one in Silver.


Image Source: Dreery Brother’s Ford

So you already know I have a penchant for silver vehicles, so ding, ding, ding, on that. Although it is a year older than the other one there is barely a difference in price this one however, has even better mileage with 29 MPG on surface streets and 39 on the highway. Pretty great all the way around, I could sacrifice a year for better mileage.

Also, I think I like the front end of this years model better than the newer one. The newer one is more snub nosed, this has a more classic look.

Have you had fun in a Fiesta? Is the mileage worth it? Let me know what you think.

anchor text:  Deery Ford of Iowa
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