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Playing With Photoshop

I make a lot of images and other types of graphics — including Memes, for myself and for clients. What most people don’t know is that I make them all in Word documents.

Laugh, it’s funny. I know, but hey, it works for me.


I never had an image program outside of the general “paint” program that comes on most computers and when I started designing newsletters for clients I found Word worked beautifully and I could make cool graphics for headers etc. Although I refined my methods over the years, I continued to use Word.

When I had the opportunity to get Photoshop and a couple of other graphic programs, I turned them down, or got them and never used them.

I was intimidated by them.


Anyhow, I opened Photoshop a few weeks ago because I needed to re-size something to a very precise file size and the only way I knew how was with Photoshop. In fact, that was the only thing I knew how to do with it at all and even that isn’t yet an exact science.

Yesterday I opened the program again because I just wanted to play without a purpose — which by the way is what I think my road-block in using it has been. I felt like I haaaaaad to, yanno?

To me, “art” was something someone created with a camera, a pencil or some paint…you know what I mean! What I didn’t realize was that color tweeks, layers and other options can do amazing things!

This time, I just goofed around with a couple of my own photographs and played with styles, etc. It was fun and I came out with a couple of killer images. At least I think so!


Image Source: Cheri M. Roberts


Image Source: Cheri M. Roberts


Image Source: Cheri M. Roberts


Image Source: Cheri M. Roberts

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