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Everyone’s talking about ZumbaZumbaZumba!

After hearing about an incredible weight loss story, I headed to the gym, where I caught up with Oregon’s newest Zumba instructor, Nicole Smith, to get the skinny.

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Congratulations on becoming a Zumba instructor! I heard you have an amazing weight loss story. Did you lose the weight just from doing Zumba?

 No, Zumba is only a part of my story, but it is a big part. It’s what’s kept me going. My story actually starts with Weight Watchers. I joined and was doing pretty well until I broke my ankle. I had to wear a thick cast that went all the way up to my knee. I was on crutches for a long time because I had broken the same ankle once before and it hadn’t healed well. As you can imagine, the weight I had initially lost, I gained right back.

When I got my cast off I got really serious and joined a gym too. That was a year ago. I weighed 268 lbs. and I was disgusted with how I looked. I was also afraid I was going to have a stroke or heart attack if I didn’t seriously change my life. I was only 22.

Is that when you started taking Zumba classes?

Not at first. I was really intimidated about trying Zumba <laughs>.

Intimidated? Why?

Well, first of all I never thought I had any rhythm! Zumba looked like a lot of fun, but it looked really hard for someone who couldn’t dance. I didn’t think I’d be able to get the moves and keep up with the class and I didn’t want people staring at me or laughing. Then one day, while watching a class through the glass, I realized there were other people in there that were my size so I sucked up my fears and gave it a try!

I loved it from the very first class! It was a little hard at first, but it was really fun and the hour flew by. When it was over I couldn’t believe it. I realized I could do this. It was more fun then the other workouts I was doing and I found myself going several times a week. I still took other classes like Pilates and Body Pump, and I was still doing Weight Watchers, but Zumba was what made me smile. I was hooked. I realized I had rhythm after all and now I can shake my booty with the best of them!

Nicole Smith Zumba, Nicole Smith weight loss, Weight Watchers, Zumba, fitness, dance, fitness, health

Image Source: No Need to Weight

How much weight have you lost?

I have lost 103 lbs. so far. I only have 15 more to go before I reach my goal! When I started this journey, it seemed impossible. My life has totally changed. I am so much healthier and I don’t remember ever being this happy. Zumba has filled a hole in my life and everyone is like a supportive family who celebrates along the way with you.

Nicole Smith Zumba, Nicole Smith weight loss, Zumba, Weight Watchers, fitness, weight loss, health, dance

Image Source: No Need to Weight

Is that what made you want to be an instructor?

The Zumba instructors I had – and still have, are so upbeat, and positive all of the time. They went out of their way to encourage me every step of the way. I have never met more fun and supportive people. My Zumba family is my inspiration. If it weren’t for them, I don’t think my lifestyle would have changed as dramatically or quickly as it has.

A year ago, I was a completely different person. You know how people say that it’s who you are on the inside and not what you look like on the outside that counts? Well, I didn’t like who I was on the inside and I was embarrassed by how I looked on the outside. I don’t think people realize how much being overweight changes how a person genuinely feels about themselves. I want to help other people feel good about themselves and teach them that getting healthy can be fun. That it’s not impossible. If I can inspire just one person, the way my instructors inspired me, that would be the real accomplishment.

You are a powerhouse of positivity! Do you have a Blog so people can learn more?

Awww, thank you and yes! I have a new Blog. It’s called No Need to Weight. I have a little more work to do on it, but it’s live. You can find my Blog here and if you like it, please follow it!

Original story: Re-Body Total Transformation System

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