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A Letter In Song Titles #1

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To Whom It May Concern,

The conversation is long overdue

Another day has come and gone. Will we wait a thousand years still? We must stand up uninvited and come together once and for all. Forget those that are comfortably numb. If this is it, why are we playing these foolish games waiting on the world to change?

Lost in the world of flashing lights where caring is  creepy, don’t forget to remember me. Don’t make me ask what’s my name? I am a stronger woman and I will survive. Don’t leave your chances to a boy with a coin, come with me. You’ve got a friend and we’re in this together. So what do you say?

I know  you can’t always get what you want, but love is my religion and I pray for help. All you need is love right? Tell me what the hell superstitiontrouble, or tragedy  you and I cannot stop in the name of love ?

Raise your glass with me my dear country, for all we know  this could be our last chance. I can’t fight this feeling anymore. This is our time,  our  chance. There is no giving up. My generation won’t get fooled again!

Through their pretty vacant lying eyes are you beginning to see the light? Others may be caught up in the rapture of their semi charmed life, but who will save YOUR soul? We are the tide, this is our house and we won’t be blown away, left to be walking on broken glass. We are good enough and strong enough, why worry where or when? Dream on and express yourself. Tell me, how’s it going to be?

I’m not building a mystery here – everybody’s somebody’s fool, but why does it have to be you? Look what you’ve done and all these things that I’ve done, we can change the world and bring back that peaceful easy feeling. Help me please? Distance makes who we are stronger. We are connected in solidarity forever my blood brothers and sisters.

Love always,


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AUTHORS NOTE: nearly every word or phrase in this letter is compiled by song titles, each is linked to it’s appropriate YouTube video. Enjoy. 🙂

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