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Tina Haupert Health

Photo credit: Tina Haupert

If weight loss were an easy thing, there wouldn’t be a million and one books on the subject. We all know how to gain weight, but how do we lose it before it’s out of control? After talking to countless people who have lost hundreds of combined pounds, I thought I would put their best tips forward for your dieting pleasure. Today’s top tips are from our recent Health Heroes; Nicole SmithTayla KnappEllen BriggsTiffany B., and Tina Haupert. From getting with the program (any program) to cheating and rewards, these health divas have learned what works!

No Need to Weight Blog

Image source: Nicole Smith, No Need to Weight Blog

Bad things can be good:

That’s right! When we starve ourselves of all the things we love the most, it is easy to get derailed. Deprivation is a disservice. Don’t let yourself cave in to the crave, instead implement a few “bad” treats periodically. Nicole Smith says a cheat day once a week or once a month, could be the difference in whether you keep on track, but don’t go overboard. She has a cheat night every Thursday and likes to enjoy cheesy Mexican food or even pizza and she has lost more than 105 lbs.! Allow yourself some simple pleasures from time to time just because you can.

Nine Amazing Ladies Blog

Image source: Tayla Knapp, Nine Amazing Ladies Blog

Find a weight loss partner & be accountable:

This is a biggie! Most people I know that have really stuck to their program (any program), are those that Blog or otherwise make their weight loss journey public. When we do this, it holds us accountable to someone other than our selves. It’s easy to lie to ourselves, but we can’t hide our failures from those we’ve invited to watch. Tayla Knapp got together with eight other friends and is taking the journey together, each one motivating the other. All of the “way to go’s” and pats on the back are incredible moral boosters, besides you never know who your story might be inspiring!

Kid Kritics Approved Blog

Image source: Ellen Briggs, Kid Kritics Approved Blog

Make it a family affair: 

Kids and spouses alike will often eat whatever you put on the table, so next time you are setting out the snacks be sure to choose what’s good for YOU because it will be good for them too. And if you tend to skip breakfast because you are a carb junkie, don’t. There are all kinds of carb junkie alternatives available. Get creative and get the kids in on the act without them even knowing it! With the helpful link to Kid Kritics, countless healthy recipes your whole family will enjoy, are at your fingertips. Health Hero Ellen Briggs has the right idea on nutrition and how to make it a part of every day life.

My Lovers Wife Blog

Image source: Tiffany B., My Lovers Wife Blog

Don’t Get too Comfortable:

Whether it’s a new job, a new child, or a new spouse, we cannot let ourselves get in the rut of being too comfortable and getting lazy. Statistics show women are more susceptible then men when it comes to weight gain after marriage and other life changing events. It is up to us to know this happening and take control from both the wedding aisle and the grocery aisle. If we want to fit in the dress, why wouldn’t we also want to fit into the lingerie later?

Carrots n Cake Blog

Image source: Tina Haupert, Carrots N Cake Blog

Treat yourself:

A picture is worth a thousand words, so look through last years vacation pictures to remind you how much your goals are worth today and reward yourself for a job well done. No, I’m not talking about filling up on chocolate and potato chips, I mean take care of YOU. Do things that make you happy and keep you motivated. Positivity is key and what better way to stay positive then to reward ourselves for the small goals we reach along the way?

Read the original story at Re-Body Total Transformation System or read about these and other Health Heroes on the Re-Body Blog. If you have your own weight loss story to tell, contact me at with “Health Heroes” in your subject line.

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