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A Letter in Song Titles #2

Hey you,

I am an American soldier and sometimes it feels like I am in an Army of me, an Army of one. Are you the unknown soldierThe one  that’s been silent all these years? While you were draggin’ the line  our enemies were drawing the line  with their dirty deeds done dirt cheap in the back room . Like promises in the dark all that we see are  smoke and mirrors round here. This betrayal was made in America. We’ve been pushed aside and pulled apart in the Grand Illusion as you sit waiting, and wishing writing your Dear Mr. President letter with  trembling hands waiting for the end .

Do you stand with a tear in your hand and say “people are strange”, “people are crazy”, while thinking everything about you is better than thisIf you believe in  a spaceman  or the spirit in the skyget ready  to  meet your master or meet your makerThey don’t care about us.  If you don’t raise your voiceif you don’t stand up with your hands held high you are a puppet on a string.  There is no bravery in the sounds of silence. You can keep waiting for the miracle, but I can’t wait. That master of puppets  Big Brother says, “don’t worry we’ll be watching you.”

For crying out loud, stop thinking there is nothing you can do about it! There is precious time and I alone am not strong enough. I have been down so long just like you. We cannot say let’s wait a while. There is always a new wreck of the dayI care to tell it like it is . Don’t youLet’s work together.

Imagine you & me reclaiming America! Have a little faith in me. I believe in youWe can work it outGet readythinkstand. Have no fearfight for your right to raise your voice. Can’t you seeTurn around there are millions like us. Anything is possible when we stand together.  We could be amazing.

Stay strong,


See Part One HERE

AUTHORS NOTE: nearly every word or phrase in this letter is compiled by song titles, each is linked to it’s appropriate YouTube video. Enjoy. :)

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