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The A-“bility” of Social Media

VISIBILITY: Social Media is one of the few ways a company can be “seen” without a hard-cost attached to the effort. It allows you to craft a message and expose it – along with your image, to countless eyes over and over again. These are called “imprints” and “frequency”. Statistically it takes someone at least three times to see or hear about you before they become open to seeing or hearing more. When they become familiar with your “Brand” they are more likely to refer your products or services (even if they don’t need them personally). The more involved you are in the company’s Social Media campaigns, the more visible your business will become to customers and prospects alike; in other words, we increase the chance they will eventually do business with us.

REACHABILITY: Social Media has a reach beyond traditional advertising and that reach can grow daily, weekly, monthly and annually at an exponential rate – with no end in sight. Think of your Social Media efforts as an “incubation period”, you know, the time when most things are contagious? Help those who are looking at your products or services on-line “Catch the Wave” of your positive message and they in turn will infect others with the knowledge of what you do via “shares”, “follows”, “likes”, and more. This is “word of mouth” at its best!

ADAPTABILITY: Should you ever wish to modify your message – or launch a new look, you can do so immediately. Real-time changes are currently only possible through Social Media avenues. There is zero down time involved in getting a new message out. This allows you the option of adapting your message to the changing seasons, scheduling or buying patterns, company growth factors, product & service changes, upgrades and so much more. You can even address holidays or reach out to tell a prospect “Happy Birthday”. Just imagine their surprise when you do!

BELIEVABILITY: Staying in the public eye is key to establishing trust in today’s fast paced digital world. So many businesses have been forced into the limelight for negative reasons over the past decade that people no longer know who to trust. Generally people are more apt to believe you have nothing to hide when they think you are allowing them to see everything. Companies that utilize Social Media are less likely to be perceived as shady in their business dealings simply because they are so visible to so many. This helps project accountability and in business trust is incredibly important.

ACCESSIBILITY: Most businesses have Gate Keepers in place that are meant to help hinder or block access to the company’s Decision Makers. Social Media allows company owners to convey the perception that THEY themselves are the ones on-line when in reality it is usually someone in Marketing. Many people feel access to the Big Wigs is “special” and they are much more receptive to what “they” have to say because they think it’s “coming from the top”. The reverse is also a benefit, i.e. the access YOU get into prospects everyday lives. Through Social Media we are able to access them in their cars, at their offices, in their homes, and just about anywhere else thanks to growing technology and Smart Devices.

PROFITABILITY: For one thing, having no hard-cost attached to a marketing effort helps increase profitability simply because it keeps costs down. In addition to that savings, Social Media allows us to reach prospective customers when they are relaxed and open-minded while surfing the net. Whether it’s something they need or it’s something a loved one may need, they are much more inclined to look deeper into doing business with you when you become familiar to them and they don’t feel like a salesman is going to be breathing down their neck. New business CAN be garnered through Social Media and it CAN help existing customers become easier to retain. Who says money doesn’t grow on trees? The sky’s the limit to how many dollars you can grow through your Social Media when you cultivate the seeds that have been planted.

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