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Will You Remember Me?


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My life as an activist and journalist has taken me to unusual places and it has provided me with a unique perspective of — not just our government, but also the societal evolution of human beings. There’s much to be said for observation.

Unfortunately these same experiences have included elements of potential (or maybe self-perceived) danger. There have been times where I myself wonder if there is an invisible line I may have crossed at some point in time.

This isn’t paranoia and any truth-teller should take heed.

Situational Awareness

Our government spies on all of us, they criminalize journalists, bloggers and whistleblowers and in some cases, there may be indications of foul-play when one has gotten too close to a story. Michael Hastings is an example of one such journalist in our current news. 

As a writer, I always strive to get it right, but that doesn’t mean I always do. I am imperfect and that’s OK, because I keep trying and learning and inevitably with each successive piece…I get better.

I do not avert my eyes when others often do and I always take the next logical step, which is telling the story. It is you that bears witness that I was here.

Our Legacy

Most writers — and artists in general, have an innate need to leave something good behind. Maybe that’s why when we create we call our works a “Piece” because they are a “piece” of ourselves that we wish to leave behind so that someone will remember.

Will you remember me?


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6 comments on “Will You Remember Me?

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  3. dragonmommie
    July 12, 2013

    Thanks for sharing…. Aside for my love of writing, my objective is to leave a “piece of myself” behind for my son, and after I’m gone. I’ve lost sight of that, but I suppose that the goal will always be met as long as I write.


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