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USA: The Un-Civilized State of America


Image Source: NY Daily News

Was justice truly served last night with Zimmerman’s “not guilty” verdict?

We sit poised, waiting to hear any snippet of news now that the verdict is out. Will there be riots today? Tomorrow? Ever?

Are some secretly hoping there will be?

As sick as it is, the answer to that is probably, “yes”.


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140 Characters or Less For a Thousand Alex

As our country’s unraveling is being aired, streamed, Tweeted and shared, we are faced with another crisis of which we are too arrogant to see. Instead, we puff ourselves up fuller and battle one another on social media, calling it a national debate about race.

Expletives are flung as widely as opinions and somehow, we stopped caring about what’s right and what’s wrong, and only care about “being right”.


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Breath With Me

If we forget to take a collective breath we will fail to recognize they have us right where they want us.

Severely divided.

Follow me…inhale….exhale…

Don’t stop. You need to keep it up long enough to clear your mind and confront your heart.

Without either, we are surely headed down a one-way road back to the wild west or maybe even Rome…


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Playing Cowboys & Indians

We live in a sick society where a “neighborhood watch coordinator” can go rogue and play “cop”, killing an unarmed, 17-year-old young man and get away with it while pundits and the media scream “racism” trying to incite riots.

Race is the distraction.

Zimmerman caused his own “beating” (one whose injuries were mild enough to be treated at the scene) and the death of Trayvon Martin due to HIS OWN (Zimmerman’s) foolhardy, wannabe “cowboy” actions.

The Zimmerman case is NOT about race. While I may agree that Trayvon was profiled, it is not profiling that got him killed. Instead, his demise was caused by the stink left on society by George W. Bush’s  pre-emptive, cowboy mentality that makes people believe they somehow have a God-given right to take another’s life without due cause.

This is what we are left with, and instead of following the distraction, you should be looking past it at the real issue.

This is what the national conversation should be about.

Wake-up America, you have been duped again.


4 comments on “USA: The Un-Civilized State of America

  1. Steve Mauk (@stevemauk)
    July 14, 2013

    I don’t think Bush has anything to do with the case. If you look strictly at the law then the correct verdict was reached. I think that both parties made decisions that put them both into the situation they found themselves. I do agree that the media is actively working to divide the people and obfuscate truth.


    • Cheri Speak
      July 14, 2013

      The FIRST decision was the wrong decision. Zimmerman’s decision to play cowboy.
      So Trayvon loses his life and Zimmerman is made a hero.
      Yeh that’s justice. Not.


  2. Cheri Speak
    July 14, 2013

    BTW, yes this unfortunately does have to do with Bush and people like him who made it OK for people to run around like vigilantes Steve. Obama has only reinforced that mentality.


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