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On the Radio, Again


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Tonight at 7pm pacific time I will be a guest on “Disorderly Conduct” with Vince in the Bay. We will be discussing journalist Michael Hastings‘s life and death.

SSG Joe Biggs (Hastings’ friend) will join us in the 2nd half.

For my background coverage of Hastings’ tragic death please see:


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Please tune in if you are so inclined. The phones will be open and we will be taking calls from listeners. Go here and hit “Listen Live” to join in.


8 comments on “On the Radio, Again

  1. Guy Montag
    August 29, 2013

    Glad to see you’ve connected with Biggs (and appears to have cautioned him to be wary of Alex Jones). I agree with you that his heart appears to be in the right place.

    I called in around the hour mark and spoke with Vince & Biggs for about 45 minutes. It’s too bad you had to leave early in the show; I believe we would have enjoyed talking with each other as well. I left several comments on Vince’s website for the broadcast about my take on last weeks’ LAPD report & the LA Weekly piece.

    Perhaps you might be interested in taking another look at my work-in-progress chapters, “Michael Hasting’s Fiery Car Crash: Accident or Assassination?” and “The Character Assassination of Michael Hastings,” in the post “More Lies Borne Out By Facts, If Not the Truth” at the Feral Firefighter blog

    I’ve added about 50 pages (this monstrosity has a life of its own; it’s up to 155 pages so far!) since the LAPD report came out.


    • Cheri
      August 31, 2013

      Yes, I like Biggs. I just think he’s young and has experience that isn’t necessarily conducive to what he is trying to accomplish so we need to guide him appropriately.


    • Cheri
      August 31, 2013

      BTW, I am reading your stuff..


      • Guy Montag
        September 1, 2013

        Hope you’re finding some new tidbits of info. I added a bit yesterday (not yet posted) and hope to add a bunch more tomorrow to fill in the missing blanks.


    • Cheri
      August 31, 2013

      Pls contact me directly. or…
      I mssgd you my number on FaceBook.
      BTW I see you liked my Hastings image 🙂


      • Guy Montag
        September 1, 2013

        Yeah. I never got in the habit of attributing the photos I use in my work (I usually do with text that I lift from others). That photo went great with the COL Dan Davis quotes. Thanks.


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