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Three Good Reasons to Participate in the “Daily Prompt”

The question posed by WordPress is this,

“Are writing prompts a useful exercise, or do you find them to be too limiting and/or hokey?”

Writing prompts come in many sizes and not one-size fits all. In other words, what I find of usefulness may mean little or nothing to you or someone else. Also, and worth mentioning, is that writing prompts are used for different reasons by different people.

For example, let’s look at three good reasons to participate in the Daily Prompt


Motivation to Write Frequently

Some of us use the Daily prompt to motivate us to write, regardless of what we are writing. Like any other craft, practice is essential. Using prompts as writing exercises keeps our minds [and our typing fingers] busy.

The more we write, ideally, the better we become and statistically, the more readers we will earn.


Perfect For Writer’s Block

Most often the prompts are fun or interesting. Some are more challenging than others, and yes, some are a bit “limiting and/or hokey”, but we love them anyway and keep checking back for the next one.

When you are stuck on a piece/post of your own, picking up a prompt can re-grease that momentum wheel and put you back on track.


New Visitors and Readers

Participating in prompts draws new eyes to your blog via the “pingback” required with participation as well as when you “pingback” other participants as “related” articles.

There is a unique community of WPDPrompters. When new people visit and like what they find you can potentially get another follower.


BIG Bonus!!!

An added bonus to all bloggers who participate in the Daily Prompt is the potential of being “Freshly Pressed“. WordPress often highlights entries in the DP. If you have ever been “Pressed” enjoy the ride and your 15-minutes of fame. Thus far I have not experienced it, but I know a few who have and they say traffic gets pretty wild.

If you haven’t tried any of the prompts, give it a shot, but be careful it can be addicting! They even have prompts for you photogs!

6 comments on “Three Good Reasons to Participate in the “Daily Prompt”

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  4. The Rider
    August 31, 2013

    True words… 🙂


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