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Be + Cause = Because You Can

In a perfect world all of our needs would be met, there would be no disease nor would there be injustices to fight for. In a perfect world, we could truly be who we are versus who we have to be in order to get by.

In a new way of thinking [and living], be your own cause and pursue it…because you can.

I AM A Writer


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Writing is something I have always just done; whether it was poetry, an op ed or a lengthy essay made little difference. Each piece has a piece of me.

One doesn’t become a writer, we are already born to write. Instead we finally realize we need to become business people so that we may write for a living. That can be a hard pill to swallow as most writers write to write, not to get rich; which is a good thing by the way considering very few writers ever “get rich”.

My love affair with words started early. I have written since I was a child. In school, literature, English and other writing heavy classes were those I excelled in. Numbers and math, not so much. Give me words or give me an “F” basically. Except maybe P.E. , but I digress!

Because I got married and started a family while I was so young, I had to put my dream of being a “writer” on the shelf. In the meantime, as I raised my children and worked other jobs pursuing a media marketing career, I still wrote. It wasn’t always what I wanted to write, but it kept me actively writing, which I have discovered was a blessing and not just a hurdle I had to get over along the way; long story short, my marketing career only ultimately enhanced not only my writing career, but my writing itself.

 I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

Friends and family have been an amazing help to me for which I am grateful. In the past two years since my Mom passed away and I let go of my little media company I have toyed with “writing full-time”. At the beginning of this year I stopped toying with it and just did it.

I have never before had the opportunity to pursue my dream and now not only am I taking it, I am insisting upon it.

It isn’t easy. I have to live frugally and manage my time [and money] well.

As with any other freelance or contract business model, I have to answer to a lot of different people and juggle many different deadlines. The challenging part however, is that all of my “work” comes from within me. In other words, it takes a lot of brain power and focus.

Not everyone has been understanding; not everyone has been supportive, but those that have know who they are. They believe in me and I wouldn’t let them down any more than I would let myself down.

Feeding What Feeds Me


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Giving back to the tools of my community, i.e. my readers, the social media platforms I use, and other media sites; they all play a part in my successes as well as my failures.

When you take care of your tools and use them properly, you can build beautiful things. This is my beautiful thing. My life. The ability to live as the real me.

I am able to align myself with people, businesses and organizations that are like-minded and humanity-friendly and sometimes it is I that needs to make the first investment so-to-speak.

Donating my time, skills and passion to things that can benefit from my help are one of the bonuses of being a freelance writer and marketing guru. The only problem is, I do have to always strike the right balance, otherwise I could get buried in charity work while my paid gigs get neglected or worse, lost.

Being a writer allows me to donate in ways others cannot and in doing so it allows me to get involved with many worthwhile causes I may otherwise be unable to support.

Long Term Assignments


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I have learned how to find more long-term or recurring assignments. That’s my bread and butter. It pays the bills while allowing me time to work on my books, participate here and write the things I love to write the most.

Cultivating long-term business is an art and those deadlines I mentioned earlier? They are more than an art, they are a science and without them, you have no business no matter how many seeds you try to sow.

You have to be constantly putting things in the funnel, i.e. looking for the next gig. If you stop putting things in, things [money] stops coming out.

Holed Up And Happy

I have chosen a cause that is personal. It may not be a cause to cure disease or one that builds homes for the homeless, but it is one that heals me while allowing me to evolve and grow as a healthier person in both body and soul.

A cause, that to me, can only be worthy of my continued perusal.

P.S. You Can Donate To MY Dream Too


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As a “starving artist” it is always appreciated when I receive gratuities* however, there are other ways you can make a contribution to my dream and show your support of my work:


*Contact for information on making financial contributions or go straight to the GoFundme page.

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