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BITbyBIT; an Amazing New “Board” Game I Worked On


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Being a freelancer I am blessed with the ability to work with many different kinds of individuals and entities in various capacities (all involve writing and marketing).

As you know I have had the pleasure of interviewing (and being interviewed by) some really cool people. You also know I recently helped with the promotion of 5-time Emmy-winning investigative journalist Peter Lance’s new book, Deal With the Devil. I get lucky every so often and it makes me smile when I can share something neat with you.

Which, if you are waiting for me to get to the point, is what I am about to do right now.

Networking Helps BITbyBIT


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I have written a few times about networking and social media. I use it daily, mostly for just that, networking, i.e. business. Freelancers need to go after it. It is a rare day it comes to us.

Anyhow, my networking and online presence scored me a new client who needed a ground-up website. The client is a long-time FaceBook “friend” who finally had a need for at least some of my services. I was able to pull in a fantastic web designer I have known for years and worked with in the past.

Together we are happy to unveil our work and a very cool brand new game hitting the market just in time for the holidays, and just in time for humanity if you ask me. Anything fun and healthy we can get our kids into versus allowing them to be constantly guided by screens and gadgets is a great thing in my book. Hopefully it is in yours as well!

Introducing BITbyBIT, the Game


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What if there was a game that was a combination of Dominos, Mahjong and Jenga?


What if there was a game that was creative and artistic at the same time it tested your logic?


What if it was fun for all ages?


Can You Master BITbyBIT? 

I bet you can and you will have a blast doing so!

BITbyBIT is an artistic, “design & build” strategy game for ages 6 and up. With over 100-games-in-one; playing BITbyBIT is a challenging experience for all of today’s gamers.

I dare ya to try it! 😉

One comment on “BITbyBIT; an Amazing New “Board” Game I Worked On

  1. jengagiant jengagiant
    January 22, 2020

    A very interesting game. Greetings from


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