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New Adventures in Separation


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For the past year I have been sending prospective clients to view samples here on my blog, but my freelance business has grown to the extent that I have now had to create a space just for business.

The dilemma is it’s a lot of work. Not just to create a whole new site, but to be able to do so in a way that is robust and has some sort of initial legs to stand on.

Then it hit me.

Cheri Speak has good traffic that is relatively steady. It ranks decently for a blog of its young age and it is pretty optimized…so, how can I use that to my advantage for my new business site?

Cheri Speak Media of course!

As my step-father is prone to saying, “Duh”.

In addition, I can use the business, marketing and writing posts from here as a feed into a “tips” section there, providing additional fresh and relevant content.

Not too shabby.

I would LOVE for you to take a peek. Psst…don’t miss the “Boot Camps” tab. 😉

Now it's my turn to listen...

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