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Catchy, Not Kitschy…Revelvant, Not Random


What is your hook, i.e. the thing that is going to keep readers coming back for more? Readers equal traffic and if you are online, you want traffic. Why else be there, right?

Depending on the niche you carve, you may find yourself presenting as a “persona” that may or may not be your real personality, etc. It’s up to you and whatever the purpose of your blog. Whatever you do, be sure that you are unique in doing it.


Readers want relevance. They are just as busy as you are, but you should assume they are even more so. If you dish them a serving of irrelevant mumbo gumbo you will lose them. Rarely do you get a second chance. Remember you are one out of millions of bloggers. What makes you so special? Whatever it is, that’s what readers want. Give it to them; on a schedule.

3 comments on “Catchy, Not Kitschy…Revelvant, Not Random

  1. micklively
    October 10, 2013

    Plotting to increase my readership would spoil it for me. I write whatever springs to mind. If folk want to read it, all well and good; if not, there’s no damage. I generally get around twenty “hits” a day. Most of my readers are almost like pen-pals now.


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