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Stop. Look. Listen…In Song Titles


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What can I say? People are strange, but you’re not innocent of that same strangeness and charmDon’t act like you don’t already know.

Days go by and you still complainThere is no excuse to turn a blind eye. There is no genie in a bottle, no magic. That’s just a dream or wishful thinking and the song remains the same, a sad song at that.

Instead, go make a difference in our world. You can do it! It only takes one seed to make a difference…if you’re sick of it?

If you were mixed up before? You can changeIt’s simple.

I want you to thinkDon’t be so closed mindedOpen your eyes and see. Look around before it’s all erasedI need you now not yesterdayStop looking in the past and look into the future instead.

It could meanlife uncommon or death to the world. The choice is yours, but the consequences of falling down the rabbit hole are all about responsibility.

Here’s hope to making it better.

With R.E.S.P.E.C.T.,


P.S. I Love You. Nearly every word or phrase of this a song title and each is linked to it’s appropriate YouTube video. Enjoy. :)

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4 comments on “Stop. Look. Listen…In Song Titles

  1. crookedeyebrows
    October 19, 2013

    Interesting way of putting down your thoughts ……….. something I will try to learn


    • Cheri
      October 19, 2013

      Thanks. I do a whole series in song titles lol.


  2. Amos van der Merwe
    October 19, 2013



    • Cheri
      October 19, 2013

      Thanks! You might like the rest of the series 😉


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