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Weed, Pot, 420, Ganja, Green: Call it Legal Instead

Pot Pioneers, Washington and Colorado States, have law makers across the country strongly eyeing protocols being put in place as recreational marijuana use begins blazing into the mainstream.

In both states (beginning in CO after Dec. 31st, 2013) it is legal for anyone — 21 and over, to purchase weed without worry or a MMJ card.

Just Say No Yes!


Although there continue to be many people that are still vehemently against any so-called “drug” use — let alone the prospect of legalization, there are growing numbers of cannabis supporters speaking up and when it comes to America’s voters, they are striking a blunt blow to the naysayers.

Next Please?


There is much speculation as to which State will be next to openly light-up, but all indications show the voters of California and New York are not far from rolling-up a fat one while they watch Colorado prepare to toke in a New Year.

Did You Know I Write a Monthly Column?


If you like this topic, check out “November’s Budtender of the Month“; my monthly column is on page 14 of The Daily Doobie, Colorado’s premier full-color cannabis newspaper. By the way, if you are trying to figure out what the heck a “Budtender” is, try this for a little perspective.

Check-out these other Budtenders making cannabis history!


5 comments on “Weed, Pot, 420, Ganja, Green: Call it Legal Instead

  1. I enjoyed reading this. I have seen the growth or movement from people who smoke marijuana or even those who just agree it should be legal. I’m wondering if it is legal, how much price and taxes will become involved also. I’m in Virginia, so I don’t foresee laws allowing us to roll one up anytime soon. That question has always been in my mind though. Why wouldn’t the laws make marijuana legal? In the long run, doesn’t the government benefit also, the same with alcohol. Though, I know alcohol is still made illegal and things like that. I just haven’t really understood the laws holding out so long. Great post.


    • Cheri
      November 7, 2013

      Thank you Donette. Yes it is ridiculous how they have demonized and criminalized marijuana when science shows it is GOOD for you and helps cure so many things. I am trying to stay on top of all the changes and have another column coming in a CA paper; this column will be all about legislation and it is called, “Weed Watch”. I will make a post about it when it rolls out.


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    January 21, 2014

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