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Monday Morning Memes #5

I have read a few posts over the months about the non-virtues of memes. I see memes everyday around the internet. Some are great [funny, helpful, thoughtful and/or thought-provoking] and some are just plain mean [stupid, derogatory, racist, intolerant] and unnecessary.

I like the concept of memes. Maybe it’s because of my media background? Probably, I mean, a meme is like an advertisement or even an endorsement, if it’s done right.

When I create a meme, you know, one I’ve thought up myself? I put my web address on it and set it free. Do I get any traffic from adding it? I have no idea, but my blog name is being passed around a lot and that can’t be a bad thing.

What’s more is the messages I choose to propagate with my memes. I do after all get to choose it.

So now I get to tie my blog url with a message I deem important or otherwise worthy.

Happy Monday!

Welcome back to this weeks Monday Morning Memes! #MMM on Twitter. Every Monday I post a new, original meme. I don’t always promise to get it “right”, but I sure do try. I hope you like today’s enough to check out some of the past editions and join us next week with a post of your own original meme, or even just a favorite meme. Be sure to tag it MMM so we can find you and feel free to ping us a link to any of the MMM posts.


*Monday Morning Memes aka #MMM, is a weekly series on CheriSpeak.

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