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Singing on a Saturday


I’m sure I have mentioned it around here somewhere before, I love to sing. I am not a professional singer in any way, it’s just been a life-long hobby and stress reliever. I always say, “singing is my polite way of screaming at the world”.  It helps me unwind, blow off steam and it’s fun!

I found this really cool app for my phone yesterday called “Sing!” by a company called Smule. They have a few other really cool apps as well, but the singing one is neato!

Yes, I said, “neato”, I hope we can move past it and get back to the music…

Shall we?

I am only using the free version of the app for now. All you need is the app and a smart phone and you are good to go. The sound is pretty damn good. I was surprised.

I love Rhianna‘s song, “Stay” and found a free version on Sing!. Without practice, here is my first attempt [if you want to listen] using the app and singing this song. I screwed up a little at the end, but I don’t think it is too terribly horrible.

I know many of my readers and fellow bloggers love music, but do any of you play instruments, sing, dance…?

Do tell! 

Now it's my turn to listen...

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