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Monday Morning Memes #8

How many times last week did you juggle people, shrug someone off, forget or neglect to call someone back…?

when-time-runs-out-suicide-bipolar-depressionSomeone dies from suicide in the United States every 13.7 minutes. Suicide is #10 of the top-ten causes of death in America.



Monday Morning Memes, created by Cheri Speak is a weekly blog series.

A blog hop based on original memes made by bloggers. Memes can be on any topic; they can be humorous, serious or even over-the-top.

It’s your choice!

Be sure to add your web address to your meme for increased exposure, tag your post “MondayMorningMemes”, use hashtag #MMM  and don’t forget to snag the badge. The only rules to participate is your meme must be original, i.e. you created it for that day’s post. Your post must be made before midnight PST every Monday.

It’s easy to make a meme, here are a few of mine to give you ideas…

3 comments on “Monday Morning Memes #8

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