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Top 10 Stories on Cheri Speak in 2013


Have you looked at your year-end stats? I was poking around in mine this morning and thought I would point out a couple of things that might help you drive more traffic in 2014.

Remember the article I wrote about using current events to your advantage when you write and post? Well when you look over the top 10 most read posts on Cheri Speak in 2013 you will see that 7 out of 10 of them are tied to current events.

Click on any of the titles below and you will be taken to the article…


We all remember what happened that horrifying day, but did you hear all of the “conspiracy theories” that started within minutes of the shootings? Even though I believe in conspiracies, this just wasn’t one of them and in fact, the things that were being said and passed around made me physically ill and I had to write about it. Good thing I did, because for 2013 this was the most read story on Cheri Speak. To this day, the events at Sandy Hook remain in the news in one way or another. I never did write my “part 2”, but I am pretty sure I made my point and cleared up several things in this one. It also stirred the pot with fellow “conspiracy theorists” in a big way and me and my blog were lambasted on another site for some time. Just because I believe in conspiracies does not mean I believe in all of them, nor does it mean that everything that happens is a conspiracy.


Being single in the modern world kind of sucks, especially at my age. I am hit on by countless married men on a daily basis and it is so disheartening, not only did I write this very popular article, I even started another blog devoted to the turmoils of the single life. Every day this article get’s hits, most of which come from people who had done searches for “how to flirt with your wife“.  Around the time I wrote this I was dealing with a plethora of married men hitting on me and the Patraeus sex scandal was hitting the news (and my blog in another high ranked post called, “Why it Matters; The Patraeus Affair“). This was a timely yet timeless post that has proven to have long legs.


As a journalist I was devastated when I heard award-winning journalist Michael Hastings was killed. His accident was beyond questionable at a time the government has declared war on all journalists. Sadly one of Michael’s closest friends was getting a lot of media attention from the wrong media and I investigated it..this article was the result of that investigation and is 1 of 3 on the topic. It also inspired me to write, “Will You Remember Me“. We should all remember Michael Hastings and his phenomenal and very brave writings. I have since become good friends with SSG Biggs [the subject of this article} and even helped him create his own blog when he took one of my Boot Camps for Bloggers!


I was visiting friends and family in Colorado this past summer when I encountered a crazy and frightening situation a half a block from the house I was staying at. Have you ever seen a MRAP? I hadn’t, especially in a quiet and peaceful neighborhood along with dozens of other law enforcement officials and DHS. Our world is changing and it seems our acceptance of these [not so great] changes is “hook, line and sinker” to say the least. I am afraid with each passing year we are getting closer and closer to a real civil war.


If you do not know who Edward Snowden and Bradly “Chelsea” Manning are, shame on you, you should. Their disclosures are hugely important and we should all take heed on what they were and not be obsessed with any antiquated or unconstitutional laws in lieu. And if you do know these names, how much do you really know about their situations and what their disclosures mean to Americans? I didn’t just opine and instead I contacted and interviewed Mark Zaid, one of our nations top National Security attorneys who specifically deals with government whistleblowers. I have received tons of traffic via search engines, social media and Zaid’s own website where he has the link posted on his home page. In addition, I created a meme about whistleblowers that began to go viral.


The world is full of useful and worthless inventions…I tackled 5 harmful things our world would be better off without. Take a peek, I am sure you will [mostly] agree with me. I would also be curious what you would uninvent if you could. I later wrote about the evils of ignorance which is also a well-trafficked post and if “ignorance” was an invention my list would have been “6 Things…”


At the end of last year I put together an article showing you how to breakdown and learn from your blog stats in order to generate more traffic and understand what is working and what isn’t. I try to pass on things I learn that might be helpful for your blog. This has been a popular post all year and I am sure it will be for many more to come, i.e. another timely yet timeless post.


I literally just wrote this a week ago and it had so many hits I couldn’t keep up with’em! I worked in media for nearly 20-years, most of which was in radio so I’d decided I would start writing about and sharing some of the fun or funny stories from my radio days. This was the first (there are now two others that you can see HERE and HERE and will be more to follow). Anyhow, apparently miss Tori is still a mighty popular gal because her fans flooded to my blog to get the scoop via both search engines and social media.


In conjunction with the 10-year anniversary of the Iraq war I wrote this very well researched and annotated piece hoping more people would take notice. It was a slow build and I was initially sadly disappointed when it didn’t make waves after I posted it [I had dreams of being Freshly pressed for this one], but it remained flat just sitting there on my page barely read and then….it rose into the top-ten which tells me I at least reached some people with what I felt [and still feel] is an urgent message to humanity.


Rarasaur started “Prompts for the Promptless” and I decided to participate, the prompt was about something called, “Wabi-sabi”…which according to Mark Reibstein and Ed Young, means, “Wabi-sabi is a way of seeing the world that is at the heart of Japanese culture. It finds beauty and harmony in what is simple, imperfect, modest, natural, and mysterious. It can be a little dark, but it is also warm and comfortable. It may be best understood as a feeling, rather than as an idea.” …the continued popularity of this post is intriguing and so are the search terms that people find it with. I think we all know how imperfect our world is and I think we all struggle knowing how imperfect we ourselves are, but…we are all Imperfectly Perfect in my book.

It’s a Wrap…

My stats show me that people are very interested in those things that make up our world including who we are in it. That is encouraging.

Also, I realized I do not need to be “Freshly Pressed” to have a lot of readers/followers and/or comments or to have a popular and well-trafficked blog. That too is something my stats taught me this year and something I hope all of you that blog will take to heart.

So far, in 2013 alone, I have had 33,093 views of articles on Cheri Speak with an average of 95 daily hits…and I barley started this blog a year and a half ago! I pay for nothing and I do not do any “advertising”. My traffic is generated by great writing (hopefully), social media shares, strong SEO worthy content, image use and YOU!

Not too shabby, eh?

Being “Freshly Pressed” would truly be an honor, but it does not make or break your blog like I once thought it did.

Remember that, and keep writing.

What were your top ten posts of 2013? Why do you think they were so popular? What one post did you make in 2013 that you thought would be really popular, but wasn’t? In hindsight, why do you think that is?

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