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SUNDAY CONFESSIONS: American Idol, The Voice, and X Factor


I rarely watch TV, but I admit I am addicted to the three singing competition shows: American Idol, The Voice, and X Factor. What makes my addiction worse is I have no cable. I watch all of these shows two days later when someone posts them to YouTube!

Yes, pretty sad I know.


When American Idol first started I never watched it. In fact I never watched a single episode until the end of Season 5 when I happened to be walking through the room one evening and my kids were watching the show. I saw Chris Daughtry and thought he was good-looking and his voice sounded pretty good so I stopped and watched. I ended up watching the rest of the show with the kids that night.

Anyhow, although I love watching people go after their dreams — especially when it comes to music, it wasn’t until mid-way through Season 9 that I began to take notice and started to watch here and there, and when I saw Crystal Bowersox and Lee Dewyze perform Glen Hansard’s Falling Slowly I was blown away.


It seemed everyone I knew was an Idol fan and everywhere I went people were talking about the Top 10, 9, 8, 7…

By early Season 10 I was hooked and cheering on Haley Reinhart because she looked so much like my oldest daughter and I loved her raspy voice. It was my boyfriend at the time that got me watching faithfully (the things we do for love). He and his co-workers were big American Idol fans and every week he DVR’d it and we would watch it together.

By this time there were two new singing competition shows on TV. I hadn’t seen either of them yet, but I did want to see X Factor (of course I think Simon Cowell is sexy — don’t ask, I have no idea why). I wasn’t so sure I wanted to see The Voice because it seemed more gimmicky than the others from the previews I’d seen.

When I arrived in Oregon a few months after my Mom died in 2011 I ended up seeing and loving both the X Factor and The Voice. What’s ironic is, out of all three of them, I like The Voice the best! Go figure!


The sickening thing is not how much I love the contestants and genuinely enjoy most of their performances, no, the sickening thing is I like the judges too…

Well, not all of them and not all of the time, but sometimes magic happens and they are as much fun to watch as the hopefuls. I did not like Brittney Spears on X Factor last season. That woman has zero personality and no one has yet proved to me she can actually sing. Niki Minaj was at least more entertaining on American Idol and please don’t even get me started on Mariah Yawwwwn-Carey.

What were they thinking?

When The Voice shuffled their judges around last season bringing Shakira and Usher in it made more sense and they were at least palatable. I will say that I am glad to have Christina Aguilera and Ceelo Green back, but who know’s how long that will last? The four of them work really well together without all of the bitchiness and bullshit that seems to plague the other two shows.


Anyway, that’s my Sunday Confession. I am a talent competition addict. I think in part because I myself actually sing and I am a nut for music. I wish they’d had shows like this when I was younger and I wish that my family had been more encouraging and supportive of my musical abilities and had helped me nurture them into something grand, but alas i will forever remain relegated to belting out singles in the shower or in the garage and the occasional karaoke stage in a neighborhood bar.

Are you ready to confess? Spit it out, we’re listening…


Sunday Confessions, created by Cheri Speak is a weekly blog series.

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