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Face It Friday!


From an old piece of tape to a holiday garland, there are “faces” everywhere. I see them. Some of my readers see them too.

How many faces are looking at you right now?

This one was at a restaurant while having breakfast with an old colleague.


Image Source: Cheri Roberts

A reader sent this is with the note, “This is an old piece of tape holding something up at work. It has been in front of my face for years….”


Image Source: Paula C.

Another reader caught and captured this evil grin glowing from behind the entertainment center.


Image Source: Ethan W.

At another restaurant I noticed the big grin smiling at me from the holiday decorations they had on display.


Image Source: Cheri Roberts

And are you ready for this one??? It’s kind of creepy.

Here is a face from the sunlight through a metal screen door.


Image Source: Cheri Roberts

Told ya it was creepy!

So that’s it for me for Face It Friday. Whaddaya got for me?


Face It Friday’s created by, Cheri Speak is a weekly blog series based on photography and faces.

Everywhere you go there are “faces” watching you. They may be in the form of a shadow, a stain, a cloud or any number of other things.

Snap a pic and post it every Friday by midnight PST. Be sure to grab the badge, tag your post “FaceItFridays”, use the Twitter HashTag #FaceIt and link back here as well as to some of the other participants.

Here are a few of my found “Faces” to get you going…

Now it's my turn to listen...

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