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Brand New Publication: The Intercept


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The founder of eBay has teamed-up with truth-telling journalists;  and , to create a new publication called, The Intercept, manned under the First Look Media  umbrella.

Editors: Glenn GreenwaldJeremy ScahillLaura Poitras
Senior Editor: Liliana Segura
Senior Writers: Peter MaassDan Froomkin
Reporters: Ryan GallagherRyan DevereauxMurtaza Hussain
Senior Policy Analyst: Marcy Wheeler
Legal Analyst: Dan Novack
Technology Analyst: Micah Lee

A Publication of

Publisher: Pierre Omidyar
Chief Revenue Officer: Michael Rosen

Executive Editors: Eric Bates, Bill Gannon
Engagement Editor: Andy Carvin

It is my understanding there will be many, many more disclosures from the NSA whistleblower, Ed Snowden, through this new medium, The Intercept.

Stay tuned…


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