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The 3 Wishes WordPress Can Grant Me


It’s a good thing I only get three wishes in today’s WordPress Daily Prompt which caught my eye simply because it mentioned stars. If you hadn’t noticed, I have a bit of an obsession with stars…well, at least, I do when they come in threes.

If I had unlimited wishes it would be a real mess because I have a lot of them and only God — not WordPress, really has the power to grant those…you know, things like; an end to disease, poverty and war?


Logic dictates that my wishes should be related to WordPress itself.

Hey, I figure if they are granting wishes I may as well…

A. Better my odds that my wishes will be seen
B. Make it easy [and possible] for my wishes to be granted

It makes perfect sense to me, just go with it!

The 3 Wishes WordPress Can Grant Me

3-stars-1-wish-wordpressA Free Upgrade of My Choice!

Now, I am not saying what it should be, but getting any perk for free or for simply being such a faithful blogger would be really nice, dontchya think?

I have had this blog, Cheri Speak, for almost 2-years after-all and I teach BootCampsForBloggers. I promote and use the WordPress platform exclusively, helping to create new bloggers every week!

It would be great if I could pick 1 free upgrade from several options made available.

Just sayin’.

Many bloggers and even WordPress often talk about the benefits of giving away something away for free.


I have received several cool “Perks” from Klout in much less time and part of my Klout score is based on my following here or the buzz [traffic] created by feeding my blog posts into all of my social media channels.

Keep in mind, the traffic I create on Cheri Speak (or any of my other blogs) is WordPress traffic too!

3-stars-2-wish-wordpressA Groovy Job Offer!

I would love to do what Cheri L., Krista, Elizabeth, Michelle W. and the other WordPress blog staff do.

I want in, so I wish it!

If WordPress were a lamp, I’d be rubbing it pretty hard and fast right now.

Dang, that sounded naughty! 

Anyway, the point is, I would love to work for WordPress in some capacity. I love the platform. There simply is no other like it and certainly none better.

As I mentioned, when I turn people on to blogging — whether for personal or business purposes, I always turn them on to WordPress first. I may mention there are other platforms they can use, but when I say I use WP, they stick with me… and it.

With over 152 million blogs out there — over half of which are WordPress blogs, I think they could use another staff member and set of eyes.

Pick me, please?

3-stars-3-wish-wordpressI Want to be Freshly What?

I wish for a much better understanding of Freshly Pressed and what it takes to be seen, let alone “Pressed”.

I know I am not the only one who doesn’t quite, “get it” and I for one get a little bugged out when I see the same people repeatedly “Pressed”. It isn’t that their stuff isn’t any good, most (some) of it is, but often times it seems the more irrelevant/snarky/sarcastic/add your own off-adjective, a post is…the more chance it has of being “Pressed” versus the more heavily researched and annotated pieces or those that are generally helpful to other people or bloggers.

When I first started this blog, I really strived to be Freshly Pressed, it seemed like all of the “cool kids” were being “Pressed”, so why not me? I’m a writer, a published one at that. I’m a great writer too. I write with my readers and SEO in mind. I even format well, keeping my site and its pages visually appealing, etc. etc.etc.

Then after a while, I realized there was a relatively small fishbowl and it seemed to be filled with those who participated in lots of WP “this and thats” that were frequently chosen for Friday’s coveted real estate.

So, I did like any other post happy whore writer would do, I got busy and dived into the Daily Post/Prompt, Several Blog Series’ (including creating a few of my own)and many other community offerings.

Still nuttin’ honey.

I don’t think there is necessarily any sort of bias going on [as I have seen other bloggers post about], but I do think that possibly as readers and editors we all gravitate to checking up on — or checking out,  “so and so’s” blog simply because we like it. So, if staff members are like all the rest of us [I assure you they are], it is easy to see how a handful of bloggers can be repeatedly “Pressed”, even if (or when) you (or I) can immediately find 10 other posts we deem more worthy, whether one of those posts are our own or not.

If my theory is anywhere close to being correct (come one, it is at least feasible), I feel this creates fewer staff eyes on a wider section of the WordPress community because some are always gravitating to the same blogs to get their own daily dose of whoever. There are after-all only so many hours in a day, but there are always available eyes, which is just another reason to grant wish #2.

P.S. IF you ever do grant wish #3 and Freshly Press me? My sub-wish in being “Pressed” is this…please let me be “Pressed” for something I write that is meaningful and matters in some way. Thank you!



—> Wish Granted! Thank You, WordPress!

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18 comments on “The 3 Wishes WordPress Can Grant Me

  1. iamforchange
    February 13, 2014

    They should give you a job after all that creative expression… I would! 🙂 Cool post!


  2. Kanerva
    February 13, 2014

    Nice wishes! I hope they all come to fruition 🙂


    • Cheri
      February 13, 2014

      Me too! :p Thanks for reading!


  3. ranu802
    February 13, 2014

    Well I think wordpress should grant your wishes. Since they volunteered to give three wishes.


    • Cheri
      February 13, 2014

      Exactly! 😉 … otherwise, isn’t it kind of “false advertising” or something? :p


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  11. Pingback: Lucky star wishes were once grand: Today I just want the snow to go away and be in Candyland « psychologistmimi

  12. diannegray
    February 14, 2014

    Great wishes, Cheri! You’re a brilliant ambassador for WP and should be Freshly Pressed.

    On a side note: I was FP’d last year and I called my hubby to tell him and he thought I said I was Fleshly Pressed. He asked me who did it and I said WP and we had this confusing conversation where he couldn’t understand who had touched my flesh!


    • Cheri
      February 14, 2014

      LMAO OMG I am cracking up!!! It’s like autocorrect :p


  13. Cheri
    February 14, 2014

    LOL, WordPress ROCKS!!! They actually granted one of my wishes!!! I of course will make a blog post about it…which of the three do you think it is???


  14. Pingback: Wish Granted! Thank You, WordPress! | Cheri Speak

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