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Leaving My Mark


We all struggle with our own relevance in a sea of humanity that buries us in the relevance of something or someone else. We frantically and figuratively wave our hands; calling out. “do you see me?”

Humans have an innate desire to matter.

I want to matter.


…I have to matter.

Otherwise, I am insignificant and my time here has been wasted without a contribution to humanity.

Will You Remember Me?

From an early age I have been afraid I would not be remembered; that I would do nothing of real significance for which to be remembered for.

Amy Winehouse said it best,

“My greatest fear is for me dying with no one knowing of any contribution I’ve ever made to create…” 

Most people ask the question “Why are we here” and although I do not have the answer to why YOU are here, I know I was put here and given gifts that were meant to share with all of you.

I Am Here To Create

I think all creatives have a drive to make their mark.

It isn’t about money. It is an overwhelming need in each of us that we cannot ignore or deny. We have to live these artists’ lives, starving or otherwise, because surely if we did not pursue our creative endeavors we would shrivel up inside. It is a part of our DNA and without a creative release we would quite possibly go insane.

I have spent decades doing what I can only hope are remarkable and memorable things; things that say “I was here” so that someone someday will look at my drawingsread my writings, or hear my voice and say, “I would like to have known her” or “I knew her and she was great”…or even more profound…”I miss her”.


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12 comments on “Leaving My Mark

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  2. ranu802
    February 16, 2014

    Nice post,we somehow do make our mark.The problem is how did we do it and are we going to be remembered for it.


    • Cheri
      February 16, 2014

      absolutely, and whether the :mark” is beneficial to all or a disservice to all.


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  10. insearchofitall
    April 25, 2014

    Lois sent me over and I like what you have to say. Oddly, I’ve been saying it to myself, oh so quietly for many years. I do not want to die with an unlived life. I think we all feel an need to share ourselves in whatever way possible. I’ll be back. Thank you.


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