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I have an obsession with socks. There, I said it. Don’t judge.

I wouldn’t quite call it a, “fetish” since there is nothing sexual about my love of socks, but my fondness for fuzzy foot wear is verifiable.

Hey I said, “verifiable”, not, “certifiable”!


I can’t plead the 5th however, since I am pretty sure I know where this silly sock thing comes from.

I am the oldest of six kids, and the only girl of the bunch. Growing-up, socks meant boys socks. I didn’t want to wear boys socks. So, I often would go without wearing them, until I was old enough to realize how awful they [and your feet] smell when you do that and old enough to care that I smelled!

When I became an adult and got married and had kids, there were my husbands socks or the kids’ socks. It took a long time before the kids were big enough for their socks to fit me so that left me with my husbands socks.

Just what I needed, more boys socks in my life.

The truth is, I used to wear high heels all of the time. Partly because I worked in the media/business world and partly because I just freakin’ love high heels. If I wasn’t in heels, I was barefoot. there really was little in between. Even at the gym, I was barefoot because I was there for MMA related classes on the mat.


A few years ago, I cut the bottom of my foot badly and severed a major nerve which left me with no feeling in the top third portion (both top and bottom sides) of my right foot. I didn’t think I would ever be able to wear heels again. It took a very long time to heal and even today I have little feeling.

For a long time I had to wear flat shoes, that is, once I was actually able to wear a shoe at all. Balance was also an issue, since although I knew my foot was on the ground, I really couldn’t feel it on the ground.

Once I started wearing regular shoes I realized quickly I had no socks of my own. The kids were grown and gone. No socks there. I was also divorced so there was no hubbies socks to borrow (hey it was an emergency) and that old bag of socks I used to hate so much would have really come in handy!


Anyhow, I needed socks.

When I went to buy some I couldn’t believe how many cute socks there were! Girl socks, all of them!

As you can guess, I went a lil crazy!

I didn’t buy out the sock section or anything, but I came home with several pairs.

Since then, I have a hard time not looking at socks when I’m at a department or big-box store. For that matter, since this is the confessional and all, the Dollar Store is a great place to find cute socks.

As it stands at last count…I have about 30-some-odd pairs of socks!

Do you have any obsessions?



Sunday Confessions is a weekly blog series.

Every Sunday I post a random personal confession. “Personal” does not necessarily mean “private”,it just means the confession is unique to me and my life.

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4 comments on “Sunday Confessions

  1. Corner of Confessions
    February 16, 2014

    I love socks too! I think when we get older socks become an outlet in some sorts. Even for me working retail i have a professional dress code. So I wear a blouse and Dickies or dress pants and shoes most days. So my outfit is business, but my socks? I bought 8 pair of new winter socks this year, fluffy and fuzzy and all designed. One has a stitched in penguin. The rest of my socks are polka dotted or colorful. Even when i buy shoe liners for the ballet shoes, i don’t buy the nude or black ones. I have neon green and neon blue and hot pink. It’s like that one part always hidden so while the rest of me is polished , my inner kid is on my feet unbeknownst to anyone. I love socks. Dollar store socks are highly underrated. Those 8 pair of socks I just told you about? Paid a pretty penny for them and they are already breaking had to toss two pairs for holes already…meanwhile my dollar store version of fuzzy socks from LAST year are still in good wearable condition.


  2. The Presents of Presence
    February 16, 2014

    Ok, since we’re confessing and it’s Sunday sock day ~ I dislike socks. I hardly ever wear them unless I’m wearing sneakers. I dislike washing them and I ask my kids to pair the socks after they come out of the washing machine b/c I abhor them that much! I don’t remember how or why it came about ~ I can’t sleep in socks either even if my feet were freezing cold! 🙂 How’s that for a confession? I guess we are kindred sock spirits since we are both passionate about socks! LOL


    • Cheri
      February 16, 2014

      LOL, and that is exactly WHY we had a pillow case FULL of unmatched socks when my kids were growing up. hahaha


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