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Pictures of the Past for a Throwback Thursday

I stumbled across a couple of old pictures on [one of] my brother’s and [one of] my cousin’s social media pages. Since it is, “Throwback Thursday”, I may as well use them to my advantage here with a blog post and toss in one of my own for good measure.

Mommy & Me


I think this was 1974 and I would have been about 5 or 6. It’s funny, this is really the only picture of my mom that I can see we do look a bit a like (as I look now).

I have no memory of this day, the balloon or the location, at least not as one that is sparked by this image. What I do know is that my maternal grandmother crocheted all of the time and blankets were a big thing with her. I see one of her blankets on the couch to the side of my mom in the image so I am relatively safe to assume I am in the state of Colorado, but I don’t know if this is my grandma’s house, my house or an aunt and uncle’s house.

Me & The Boys


This is a picture of four of my five brothers and myself. I was twelve in this shot. It was the summer of 1980 and this is my paternal grandparent’s backyard pool. I spent most summers in California with my dad (my parents divorced by time I was five). I have one other, younger, brother who was not yet born when this picture was taken.

The two-piece bathing suit I am wearing was really cool. You could wear the top five different ways and um, notice my “Shag” haircut?

Just me


Five years later, this is me, at seventeen. I am NOT disrobed as at first glance may appear. Obviously I bring it up because that is usually most people’s first reaction. My hair is covering most of my shirt, but you can see part of it on the right. the pillow is covering the rest of me — and my clothes, by default.

I will admit to being in a California hotel room near the Wax Museum, but that’s a different blog post and probably not as interesting as you are imagining.


Well, there ya have it! A “Throwback Thursday” photo throw-down…now, where’s yours?

Now it's my turn to listen...

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