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EXPOSED: Claudio the Fraudio


On December 23, 2013, Claudio “Marty” Anthony Trevino – a complete unknown, joined FaceBook’s “9/11 Truth Movement” group where there are currently nearly 36K members. His opening post was a picture of Daniel Sunjata wearing a Truther shirt.

Notice [in the screen shot below] the words captioned beneath the image?


Claudio then makes the first comment in his own thread as you can see [in the screen shot] below, he is already “selling” [read pushing] 9/11 “Inside Job” T-shirts. In fact, the very shirts he is pushing is those with the identical logo he later began superimposing over countless 9/11 activist’s photographs he had downloaded from Ken Doc’s FaceBook friends list. Claudio did not get individuals’ consents and he used their images[as well as celebrities] for graphics for his now defunct, “9/11 T-Shirt Campaign”.


When you click on the eBay link Claudio provides, it takes you to an account that is selling multiple color options for the same “9/11 Inside Job” T-Shirt logo/design that Claudio has told all of us he created; the same one he has been putting on his “9/11 T-Shirt Campaign”, and activist’s pictures.

We do not know who owns this eBay store, all we know is out of countless legitimate 9/11 entities– the ones who are doing real work and are in need our support, Claudio chose this one and stuck with that particular logo/design from then on.

Claudio was always vague with Ken and me about everything.

He would not clarify his age, when his birthday was or even exactly what he did for a living. For work, he told us he works from home on merchant accounts and makes graphics, but would not get into it any further.

With regard to his birthday, we discovered he switches it twice a year on the same 2 days and replies to his  birthday wishes on both days.  We discovered this going through his FaceBook Timeline, going all the way back to when he created an account. That’s a little odd we think and also worth mentioning, in our search, the first time Claudio ever mentions 9/11 on FaceBook was just this past year.

He makes graphics? Like those on T-Shirts?

Merchant accounts, like eBay?


Whoever this seller is that he has directed everyone too, they have an account in good standing with eBay and have sold a lot of various T-Shirts.

  • Is this possibly Claudio’s [and/or his wife’s] account? Is THIS their home business with merchant accounts and graphics?
  • Or, is he making a commission off of this sellers shirts?
  • Or, is it yet another copyright infringement on Claudio’s part?
  • Whose logo/design is this that Claudio claims is his and is using as his own?


  • The T-shirts are of the exact design he says he created and is using everywhere including his initial FaceBook event/page “9/11 T-Shirt Campaign”.
  • He joins the largest membership “9/11 Truth” group on FaceBook two-days before Christmas making his first post that of Sunjata in a 9/11 shirt with the caption of, “What I want for Christmas…” beneath it.
  • He comments on his own post using the exact same verbiage he had captioned under the Sunjata pic and provides an image and link to buy “9/11 Inside Job” T-Shirts on eBay.

And especially remember, he was  a brand new member to the “9/11 Truth Movement” group and this was the very first thing he posts and it’s pointing you to a 9/11 shirt for sale on some obscure eBay account versus from a known 9/11 Truth entity.

It’s All About Selling T-Shirts

In multiple conversations about the project as I was evolving it into something legitimate, Claudio kept talking about selling shirts. We did not know then what we know now however, we cautioned him that merchandise would be OK, once there is a real campaign that is legit and as long as the merchandise speaks to the campaign itself and of course there were no copyright infringement issues, there was a full accounting and we aligned with a 9/11 related cause to donate a percentage of any proceeds (after costs) to.

He was also told, by us, that our goal is not and should never be to sell T-Shirts, yet, after agreeing repeatedly with me on this he just would’t stop and instead went behind my back to Ken [thinking he had an ally] and said this to him in a private FaceBook chat:


However, soon after, once we cut him loose and exposed him, Claudio posted this, which as I have just shown above– from his own mouth, is not true. In addition, not only is he continuing to slander me, he now begins throwing Ken under the bus trying to blame him for his own T-Shirt scam. And, as you can see, he is trying to allude that my currently waning health (I was in the hospital in the middle of all this) was one of the reasons to sell shirts — which by the way he never once mentioned to Ken nor me and the post [in the screen shot] below was the first we had heard that angle.


Personally, I do not believe Claudio Marty is a real 9/11 Truther.

No one in the movement knew him at all until he had a platform with Ken where he rapidly gained 900 new Truther FaceBook friends and  a large venue to pimp his merchandise.

This appears to me, to be a calculated, premeditated attack.

Claudio went so far as to Photoshop a very old picture of himself to use for his own “campaign” so it would look like he was wearing a 9/11 T-Shirt too.

As an aside, why didn’t Claudio buy a shirt from the place he is sending you to buy one? And, if — as he has been saying in his public appeals as of late, he had been working on his “campaign” idea for two-years, why doesn’t he already have a 9/11 Truth T-Shirt?

Also please note, he has told many people, including both Ken and me that he has only been “awake” about 9/11 for “about two-years” …


The day I met Claudio and spoke with him on the phone for the first time, I had assumed he was a “kid” (I am almost 46) because of the above picture. I asked him outright if it was a recent picture and he told me, “it’s from a couple of years ago“. I asked him how old he was because his voice sounded much older than his image looked and he said, “I’m in my 50’s” without being specific.

I told him if he was in his 50’s and that pic was only from a couple of years ago — as he’d said, that he looked pretty damn good for his age.

But, really? From a couple years ago?

I don’t think so.

How about at least 15-years ago (my best guess)?

I’m just speculating, but there has to be a reason for using the above image considering the image below is a much more accurate visual of “Claudio Marty” today although, it too is not recent and is date stamped from nearly four-years ago in 2010.


Why is he using a photograph of him as a young man in a Photoshopped 9/11 shirt as his profile pic and for his so-called, “campaign”?

  • Was he trying to paint himself into the picture of having been a Truther for some time?
  • Was he trying to woo the ladies?
  • Or, was it some other reason?

Whatever the reason, it seems quite a dishonest approach for someone who calls himself a “Truther” as he newly maneuvers [pushes] his way into the center of the Truth movement.

I do not believe this man has ever been a real “Truther” and that Fraudio Claudio is a scam artist. I think he is a business man and this was right up his alley…and maybe he did “wake up” and in doing so thought he had a commodity we needed so “BING”, he gets an idea and he finds the biggest truth movement group on FaceBook and joins.

He doesn’t even say “hello”, he just tries to sell ya’ a T-Shirt.

The 9/11 Truth movement has been infiltrated, but not by a “Government Agent” and instead by a less-than-honest, poser-businessman who, in my opinion, is no better than a war profiteer trying to use the 9/11 Truth movement as he said, “to pay the bills”.

Sweeping Up the Mess

For those who “didn’t mind” that he wanted to sell shirts and wouldn’t listen to what Ken Doc and I were trying to tell you, I hope that you now see; not that we were right, but that you may very well be wrong about Claudio Marty and his intentions with the you and the Truth Movement.

For myself, I am long on the record for how I feel about 9/11 profiteering and posers. In addition, the entire concept of, “I Am the Face of Truth” — which was most definitely not Claudio’s idea, was the idea I sold Claudio on; a concept I had already created and attempted under the name of “United for 9/11 Truth“, many years ago.

Claudio’s “campaign” — as pitched to all of you by him [and initially Ken Doc], was merely for you to buy 9/11 T-shirts and to use pictures of yourself wearing them as your FaceBook profile photos. And for those who didn’t have a picture, Claudio was happy to superimpose “his” alleged logo/design onto the image for you until you had a shirt.


Nothing more, nothing less.

  • If the logo/design IS his, then yes, he was in fact already selling 9/11 shirts through his own or someone else’s eBay store.
  • If the logo/design is NOT his, then he was illegally using someone else’s copyrighted work without their permission and intended to sell shirts with that logo/design with no care to any negative impact/publicity that (and other infringements) could have brought on the movement.

There was NO “campaign” or idea beyond that.

Everything that was conceptualized, created and built for the actual, “I Am the Face of Truth” project was built by me and me alone.

Now …

I  hope we can put all of this to bed and get on with the good work we are all capable of doing individually and together. I also hope we can do so without any further backbiting bullshit; especially from those who know and have known Ken and me individually for so long.

The, “I Am the Face of Truth” project has the potential to accomplish what has yet to be accomplished, but it takes all of us, which is the point.

Although our project is NOT in any way anything like what Claudio was trying to do and no one has stolen anything from him; some of you have let him steal much from us; like copyrights and reputations and friendships.

The Moral of This Story…

There are a lot of “Claudio Marty’s” in the world, so remember…

Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, forever to repair…” ~ Unknown Quote

Ken and I have spent years building that trust; some of you have broken that trust, shame on you; some of you have strengthened that trust, thank you.


8 comments on “EXPOSED: Claudio the Fraudio

  1. alexenergies
    September 5, 2014

    Good job, Cheri… I fell for this liar in the beginning… shared something about it on FB, as he bullied me there and is most probably also bullying other people on FB…

    He even tried to force me to “unlike” your 9/11 truth page on FB… imagine: This Claudio fucktard is spending time on FB to check who likes your page and then starts bullying those people… what a moron…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Cheri
      September 5, 2014

      Thank you for the input Alex. I am so tired of this guy’s antics.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. alexenergies
    September 5, 2014

    Me too…. now he’s sending his trolls on FB, as I have him blocked… also working under false names like “Omar Sharif” *lol

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Kyle Watts
    July 21, 2018

    Claudio Marty is a FAKE NAME and a FAKE TRUTHER..The Faces of Truth Campaign is nothing more than a MASONIC, Illuminati set up to IDENTIFY and DESTROY TRUTHERS and the Truth Movement as well as to spread disinformation on the LIE that is 9 11..

    This weasel is GOING DOWN and so is his moronic masonic old boys club..


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  5. Daniel M. Plesse
    February 7, 2019

    I don’t like Ken Docs and I don’t like Claudio Marty.


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