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What Will Be, Will Be?

que-sera-sera-fate-destiny“Fate”and “destiny” are “meant-to-be” words we apply to many things at our convenience.

For instance…

Many people question the legitimacy of a God who can allow infant deaths and disease, murder, rape and other “ungodly” occurrences while others say those same things are “God’s will” or  is part of God’s plan. In other words, it is fated.


Sometimes we find ourselves in a place or situation that circumstances set us up to be in — whether good, bad or ugly, and we say it was, “meant-to-be”. That we, specifically, were meant-to-be there to deal with or handle whatever that situation is or merely to be intact in a certain place or time…for you guessed it, a fated happenstance.


We can meet someone and feel such an immediate and strong connection we convince ourselves it is because this person is the person that is meant-to-be our own. In other words, they are our destiny or our soul-mate.

A Foundation For Believing

In order to believe in any kind of fate or destiny, I think one must have some sort of inner spirituality. Without a belief system in something greater than our own existence — whether that belief is in God, Goddess or the universe, it must surely be present in order to believe in things like fate and destiny.

Without that foundation, who then would be capable of returning the Karma or laying the preordained path?

I know many people who do not believe in any higher power, yet readily say this or that is “meant-to-be”. To them, I question, by whom is it mean-to-be?


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19 comments on “What Will Be, Will Be?

  1. ranu802
    March 26, 2014

    Thank you for posting about destiny and fate.


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  3. Mr. Atheist
    March 26, 2014



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    March 26, 2014

    Agreed – there has to exist some form of higher power for everyone … whatever it is … cause if this really is as good as it gets then I had best start doing a few more crazy things 🙂


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