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Michael C. Ruppert Left Four Notes and a Poem

On Wednesday I reported that Michael C. Ruppert left two “suicide” notes behind — one that was addressed to “Jack” which I published here, and another addressed to Mike’s partner “Jessy Re”. This information and the note I published, were provided to me by Wesley T. Miller, Mike’s last Attorney of Record. Wes received the notes from Jack Martin.

Jack, Mike’s close friend and the property owner where Mike died has told me, that in reality, there were a total of five pieces of paper Mike had strategically left behind, all of which could be considered “notes” … all of which convey a message.

There were the two “notes” I already mentioned as well as a “note” placed with and about Mike’s best pal “Rags the Dog” (more on that “note” and an update on Rags coming later today).

There were also two “notes” taped to the exterior of the trailer door where Mike was staying; one of those is an instructional/warning type note and the other is sort of a poem of explanation written by Mike.

One of the challenges for Mike’s close circle of friends [who are his family] is to make sure everyone understands, this really was a suicide. As sad and horrible as that is, it is a fact. Understandably, there are myriad reasons to doubt, question, and speculate [Mike taught us well, did he not?], simply because Mike was the man that he was and doing the work that he did.

There is some irony in writing to help clear-up unnecessary and unwanted conspiracies about a conspiracy theorist, which is why — after I learned of the existence of these other “notes” and what they contained, I requested to make them public today and Jack agreed.

Everything that Mike did at the scene was with purpose. Everything ties together, which you will understand more here and with each successive piece.

The top “note” is the poem Mike wrote. You will notice, as he did in his “note” to Jack that I published Wednesday, he again speaks of, “the children”.

Mike is not literally talking about little kids, he is talking about all of us.

WE, the children of the earth.

NOT to romanticize this tragedy in any way, but Mike’s apparent intent here was that of a “sacrifice”…. his “flesh” for us “the children” … this was not meant as something satanic or Illuminatti related and needs to be looked at with Mike’s eyes from a more Shamanistic perspective.

Mike had recently returned to California in late February after having spent 18-months in Colorado where he had spent much time with his Native American and Indigenous friends, many of which he considered to be his own mentors.

Mike was very spiritual; not in the “God” sense so much as in the Goddess, Gaia, Mother Earth sense. In another piece, I will be addressing how this related to Mike’s final moment [because it very much did]and how a single piece of evidence ultimately removed any remaining skepticism  [that Mike took his own life] I’d had left…and should do the same for you, but we can’t get there, until we go through what we are going through or it won’t make any sense to you.

The bottom note was meant to stop anyone — except the officials (that Mike TOLD Jack too call), from entering the trailer first. Mike was an ex-cop, he knew how to secure a crime scene as you will see throughout this process.

Also, just so there is no confusion, Mike did not take his life inside of the trailer however; the personal notes for both Jack and Jessy Re had been carefully left inside.


Michael was meticulous in his planning.  At 7:45PM, mere moments before ending his life, Mike sent an email to Jack telling him to call the Sheriff and come to the property immediately. Mike did not want Jack or Jack’s family (who lived on the property) to find his body and had taken multiple safeguards against that. He also very obviously did not want Jack or Jack’s family to be implicated in his death and took safeguards to prevent that as well and to preserve the integrity of the scene he was leaving behind.*

*Worth noting, this was the first time since Mike had returned from Colorado that he was alone on the property. Jack’s family that also lives on the property had left for a family outing that day. Jack and his wife do not live on the property, but instead live “in town” inside the Calistoga city-limits. The property is outside of the city-limits. Jack had been out there and seen and talked with Mike that afternoon, hence the “come back” statement in the subject line of the email below.


Michael C. Ruppert’s final show, on The Lifeboat Hour, ended at 7PM Sunday, April 13. Forty-five minutes later he sent that email to Jack, you can now get a sense of the timeline of events — which I hope to publish by tomorrow.

Later today however, I will publish more information on Rags. Rags is also a part of the story and that is where we will see the final of the five notes Mike left behind.

Thanks to all of you for sharing these articles. I am happy to answer what I can so feel free to ask. My only request is that we all remain respectful.


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33 comments on “Michael C. Ruppert Left Four Notes and a Poem

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  3. Debbie Metke
    April 18, 2014

    Cheri, you are doing an excellent job filling us in. I couldn’t find an email address for you but I’m writing a piece on Michael. I’m trying to share his quotes about each of us finding an activist “gun” and using it to save the planet. Of course he didn’t mean a physical gun. Anyway, if anybody has this quote, I’d love if you could share it with me.


    • Cheri
      April 18, 2014

      Thank you very very much. I had no idea I was going to be writing this story this way and to this extent. I appreciate that people care and was infuriated no media was doing a real story with real details. Please send me a link when your story goes live. My email is .. as for the quote. Yes, i know it, but not verbatim and I do not have it in my notes. I ‘think’ maybe the quote came from the apocalypse man series he did…maybe check those?? I will post to my crowd on FB and see what they cun up with 🙂 .. I am a basket case at the moment. I have not slept since night before last. Gonna nap for a lil while and then will check back on my FB and see if they found it for ya…k??


    • Cheri
      April 18, 2014

      OK, I just confirmed it is in the Apocalypse man vid… … for those that haven’t seen this…you may find it distrubing at times.


  4. Debbie Metke
    April 18, 2014

    and why was Seattle an “ass kicker” for him?


  5. Charlton Wilson Cht Ccht
    April 18, 2014

    i think there’s one untrue statement in this, which i want to clarify. Mike was/is not a conspiracy theorist. he revealed WITH PROOF conspiracies that are going on and that have occurred. let’s not call him a theorist… like alex jones and the other yellow journalists out there…

    otherwise, thank you VERY VERY much for this posting. it is so good to see his nearest and dearest taking care of his memory for posterity.


    • Cheri
      April 18, 2014

      WE know that Charlton. I am specifically reaching out to those that believe conspiracies exist etc. Massive groups I am a part of. WE all know CT is used to belittle, degrade etc., but CT is still the term that is universal when writing a news peg 😉


    • Cheri
      April 18, 2014

      and by WE … YOU are a part of that WE lol. My hands are falling off, my eyes are falling out, I lost my voice…haven’t slept…need nap before tonights show. Thank you VERY much btw and the Lakota info was spot on yesterday. I was working on my piece and got the alert and I already had like 7 pages on the Sun Dance open on my laptop. Synergy when minds work together properly.


  6. Martin Cahill
    April 18, 2014

    Thank you for all your work here. I guess you are now also a tracker of truth.
    I wish Mike hadn’t done this but at least I can understand what and why.
    thank you again. – Martin


    • Cheri
      April 18, 2014

      Thank you marin. I appreciate when what i am trying to help with resonates and people “get it”…I too don’t like it, but as I have said, I think when i am done telling you all of it, you will all be like “wow”…however, I cannot guarantee what that “wow” will mean to each of you as individuals.


  7. Bob Tortolani
    April 18, 2014

    His prophecies were not always spot on. Like the time 3 years ago he was telling us to stock up on food because he felt any moment the supply was going to dry up. Seems it will take a little bit longer than what his urgency insisted it would. He smoked cigarettes , and he drank. He could be short tempered too when comments were made that he didn’t like. However I have followed the man since the FTW days. I read his books. I sent money to help whenever he reached out.I never met him in person but I can tell you no one else has enlightened me as much to the corruption of government, and the sins of the powers that be, as Michael Ruppert. He related the problems of the world so simply , “you cannot have infinite growth on a finite planet”. I am back on the spiritual path because of Mr. Ruppert. My deepest heart felt condolences go out to all of you that loved this man.


    • Cheri
      April 18, 2014

      HUGS!!! Great comment. yes, i tell people that too…he was not always right like some say about his “prophesies” what everyone needs to realize is those moments of Mike being way UP or way DOWN and aggressive (angry/loud/obnoxious) or the opposite…all those moments in each Vid that got your heart pumping…Mike lived like that every day in one way or another and is all a part of the problem Mike had. There is NO known (to me) actual diagnosis for any mental disease (or physical). there is one last person I am going to ask who would probably know, but whether they would want to tell is another story. I do not know. i can tell you it is well documented Mike wanted to die for a very long time and the path he chose to execute his desires is horrifically sad, but there really IS a message in it, which is what i am trying to tell ya 😉


    • Gina Baby
      April 19, 2014

      Yes, 3 years ago saying to stock of on food, that kind of made me giggle because he was actually right if you want to look at Pre-Fukushima food… I know he would crack a little smile there with me on this one.. He was So Right, after all… God Bless Mike, his family and God bless us all..


  8. seemorerocks
    April 18, 2014

    Thanks very much Cherie for sharing this. I am sharing on my blog


  9. ggellenoncourt
    April 19, 2014

    Reblogged this on Le Fractal.


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  13. namaste13
    April 19, 2014

    He was supposedly spiritual but he killed himself. Does that make any sense?


    • Cheri
      April 19, 2014

      yes, sadly it does. Look into his faith…Lakota…Mike genuinely gave himself as an offering, for us, “the children”.


    • John Pavel
      April 20, 2014

      namaster3-I agree. From a Buddhist/yogic or Hindu perspective that’s just going to bring further karma in the next life. All we can do is work on ourselves and let Mike use his own free will.


  14. Gina Baby
    April 19, 2014

    Yes, Thank you so much for reporting for us about him.. The News whores would’t be good enough anyway Fake as they are. You put this forth with love and that is So Important.. Thank you so much. He had a good part in my personal awakening.. To the Point, with facts to back him up. He will be missed. God Bless Us All we will need it with what lies ahead.
    again, Thank you


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  16. Cheri
    April 20, 2014

    for anyone who has doubted me


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