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Michael C. Ruppert Said “YOU Don’t Read”

The piece that most of you are waiting for is already being written. This article will include the details and a time-line of Mike’s last day along with more pieces of evidence. There is a meeting taking place and I have been assured my questions will be answered by Wednesday.

There are details with regards to Mike’s Will(s) and the people in them [as well as his wishes] that are still being handled so please be patient.

Mike was VERY elaborate in his plans. For those who claim any affinity with this man or his work, his meticulousness the weekend of his death was as much for your sake as it was for those close to him. It is clear Mike wanted everyone to understand so that we could and would all continue his work.


Mike Said…

The American people don’t read. YOU don’t read. [emphasis is Mike’s]” ~ Michael C. Ruppert, Truth and Lies of 9/11

We skim and skip through news, looking for words to jump-out at us; the words that reference or reinforce whatever we are looking for or interested in, but we don’t “read”.

This was a huge issue with Mike. He often felt we weren’t listening or paying attention enough; the cherry picking of information to match our own narrative versus the embracing of all he was offering was an implied shoe-in for failure and it haunted Mike for some time for what good is a warning if no one heeds  it?

Mike produced a large body of work over the course of his life and the message he imparted daily was one of, “There is no more time”. Those words were not just words he used in a suicide note. They were words you have heard him say and read he wrote many times.

If there is still any question as to whether I am telling you the real story and working with his friends and Attorney please see:

Make Mike proud by reading the story he is trying to tell.


For more info/background on the death of Michael C. Ruppert…

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13 comments on “Michael C. Ruppert Said “YOU Don’t Read”

  1. Adam Goodwin
    April 21, 2014

    If his time of death was approximately 7:45, I just realized that Mike watched the sunset before he pulled the trigger. That’s probably something I would have done as well. What a beautiful final sight it must have been.,%20California;122.7365;38.4263;-8;1&month=-1&year=-1&want_twi_civ=1&want_twi_naut=0&want_twi_astro=0&want_mrms=1&want_mphase=1&want_daylen=1&want_solar_noon=0&want_info=1


  2. Marilyn Taylor
    April 22, 2014

    My experience is that our universe contains a variety dimensions (or levels of being), and that the plane of physical matter, which Michael has withdrawn from is just one of many. We live a ensconced in a lattice-work of light.

    We all have questions as well as a myriad of emotions at this time. One book that I have found helpful in contemplating the reality of death and grief is The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying by Sogyal Rimpoche.


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  4. Tres Bien
    April 22, 2014


    But it is pretty hard to complain about having had this many [any] years of existence in this glorious Universe as not simply a sentient being but as a being aware of that sentience, about having been granted by the throw of the dice disregarding all notions of deservedness, perhaps the single most significant privilege that the Universe has to offer.

    But, yes, we are entering a dieoff.

    I miss the old days when all this was merely speculation based on the best story fit for the available data. I miss the interactions with the old guard and the contentious camaraderie that seemed to exist in the online discussion groups. This real-looking shit is getting me down.

    And staring into that black abyss of TEOTWAWKI for any extended period does take a deadly toll on a body.

    Yes, “There is no more time”; we have crossed the Rubicon.

    However, this is not a message that needs to be spread about like Fukushima fallout and there needs to be no heartache in the unassailable ignorance of the masses.

    Perhaps, the message here is that it is time for those who have been listening and who retain an irrational sense of longer term survival to get going.

    Wouldn’t it be nice to “know” something.?.



    • Cheri
      April 22, 2014

      “it is time for those who have been listening and who retain an irrational sense of longer term survival to get going.” um, lol, I am pretty sure that’s what my post was saying 😉


  5. Tres Bien
    April 23, 2014

    rofl, yes, I was paraphrasing, obviously.

    It would sound terribly condescending to say what is in my head right now, but I sincerely do hope that you keep doing what you have been doing.

    Does this work:

    “Strange memories…”, it’s here:

    It is really weird having been there when the wave broke. We had no idea at the time wtf was happening. It was a bit like now. The sh/\t was hitting the fan blades and spattering all over everybody – like now. It is not hard to speculate that most people were high on hope – trippin’. It would probably be difficult for most people whoever experienced it to not miss all that optimism.


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