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The Irony of Today


I see a strange kind of irony today as people post and opine about Earth Day. Why do we have an “Earth” day? Shouldn’t our awareness and our love of our planet and our survival as a species be celebrated and harnessed every day?

There is no question the angst I feel this year is much more profound.

Those who have been reading Cheri Speak lately, know the world has lost a brilliant man; a man who cared more about this planet we inhabit than anyone else  I have ever had the honor and pleasure of knowing. His legacy resonated with me today as I watched each of us live-on pretending that there is more time.

What’s worse is we know we are pretending and we don’t do enough to prolong or prepare.

There is no more time to wait. Sadly, the efforts and legacy of a man like Mike and the others that have come before him or walked along side of him are futile without a personal revolution within us all.

For every action there is a reaction, but that notion should be more circular so that every reaction  also brings forth a new action.

Embracing and even sharing knowledge is not enough.

Sustainability requires doing.

Mike’s work proved the powers that be know this is a finite planet and have taken measures for their own survival at the expense of ours. Every day that’s not “Earth” day, we let’em.

Will you be an inevitable victim of the coming collapse or will you heed the words of men like Mike…and prepare enough to survive so that you may bear witness?

Pilamayaye, Truth Tracker. Miyé wanáȟ’uŋ niyé.

*And, since I am sure I said that all wrong, I was trying to say, in Lakota, ” Thank you, Truth Tracker. I hear you.”

2 comments on “The Irony of Today

  1. Debbie Metke
    April 27, 2014

    Thank you Cheri. I’m writing two books about how we could build a world that would give us the best chance, but often I don’t think that’s enough either. But then I think again — we do need ideas and we also need to understand what motivates people to act (and THAT’s the hard part). In the meantime, I’m tired of wasting my time with the knuckleheads and clueless. I want to ACT and to instill hope in others to help. And I loved Mike’s saying “Find a weapon fire it” (meaning type of activism, not gun).


    • Cheri
      April 27, 2014

      “HOPE” is key 😉 without it, we have nothing.


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