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Elliot’s Other Victims: Philip Bloeser Talks Intimately About Elliot Rodger the Isla Vista Killer – PART 1 of 3


PHOTO CREDIT: Addison Altendorf

It’s incredible how a single person’s actions can affect so many by default. Sometimes for life. I wonder if that was even a passing thought to Elliot Rodger — the UCSB Isla Vista killer, when he named so many names in his so-called ‘manifesto’? Maybe. Probably not, but those he named have been flung into the matrix for no other reason than having known him.

Such is the case for three people in particular; Philip Bloeser whom Elliot names 61 times, Addison Altendorf named 63 times and James Ellis who was named an incredible 152 times. James Ellis was clearly Elliot Rodger’s “best friend” according to Elliot himself and even according to James’ own father Art Ellis as quoted in the UK Daily News. Philip and Addison were not half as close as Elliot portrayed them to be in his manifesto titled, “My Twisted Life”; a 137-page autobiography left behind by the baby-faced killer.

Those who were named by Elliot in his self-penned life-story are also victims and they have been bombarded by media since the manifestos release by KEYT news anchor and reporter Joe Buttitta. Some that were mentioned have spoken up while others still remain silent for reasons of their own. Knowing someone [especially for so long] who turns out to be a heinous murder is bad enough, having that killer link you to him and his horrific acts so dramatically and historically is just too much.

The media bombarded me, and wanted to know as much as they could about Elliot. I only knew so much…” ~ Philip Bloeser, 06/14/14


IMAGE SOURCE: Google Screenshot

Philip is one of the few who set aside — or made a part of his grieving, time to speak to the media. He had not intended to however, because of a mistake by his mother, his hand was forced. Sadly his experience was one of pushiness and misquoting or otherwise misrepresentation by corporate media rushing to get a story out. The UK Mail Online, in at least two articles, have stated that Philip was Elliot’s “best friend”. Philip told them this was not the case, but that is the story they told anyway. He is soured on the media and came to me where he could be quoted accurately and for the record in order to set the story and America straight.

The UK Daily Mail claimed I was his ‘best friend’ which I definitely was not. Addison [Altendorf] is my close friend. James [Ellis] was Elliot’s best friend. Not us.” ~ Philip Bloeser, 06/14/14


Philip Bloeser outside the Capri Apartments in Isla Vista, CA paying his respects to the victims of Elliot Rodger. /PHOTO CREDIT: Addison Altendorf – May 30, 2014 – Isla Vista

I have been in contact with Philip since May 24, the day after Elliot’s bizarre killing spree in Isla Vista, California near the UC Santa Barbara campus. We messaged briefly off and on; I was trying to offer support more than anything else however, after the disservice done to him by mainstream media he called me up and wanted to talk.

This past Saturday evening Philip sat down with me in my home for three hours and we talked about Elliot, Elliot’s family, James Ellis, and his and Addison’s relationship with Elliot. We talked about the role of the Santa Barbara authorities and that of the mental health experts, gun control politics, the rampant conspiracies and more. According to Philip there has been much misrepresentation out there; not only about his and Addison’s relationship with Elliot and that of Elliot’s parents, but also about Elliot himself. He wants to talk so people can stop conspiracizing and politicizing this tragic event and start galvanizing in order to fix the problem and heal. He is also looking for some peace.

This will never be over. While the media bombardment has finally died down, I know, Addison and I both know, that in a year our phones will start ringing again when the anniversary rolls around.” ~ Philip Bloeser, 06/14/14

After Phil said that to me I pointed out the same is true for the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th and so on anniversaries yet to come. He knows and it hurts. The unfairness of having ones life stained in such a way is beyond comprehension unless you have experienced it yourself. While some lose their faith when tragedy strikes, Philip’s has only grown stronger.

Why were Philip and Addison both mentioned so prominently in Elliot’s manifesto? Stay with me and we will endeavor to find out. In “Part 2” of this 3-part series Phil and I discuss childhood with Elliot and it will be followed by “Part 3” in which we discuss the teenage and young adult years leading to Elliot’s total break with reality and the loss of 7 lives including his own as well as the aftermath and it’s impact on some of those mentioned in the manifesto.

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  2. Debbie Crandell
    August 2, 2014

    Hi Cheri,
    I really enjoyed reading this article on Elliot Rodger and Philip Bloeser. I could not find parts 2 and 3 and was wondering if you are still going to post them?
    Thanks, Debbie


    • Cheri
      August 4, 2014

      Thank you and yes Debbie I do. Soon.


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