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Bidding Adieu to Summer

Unlike most kids I was never one that relished the summer months. As a kid the summer meant flying to another state to visit my dad — which I liked, however the scene there was never conducive to a good time. I wrote of my step-mother previously so you can imagine the mixed bag of emotions every summer brought my way. My summers were never spent with friends from school pool or lake side and instead were spent dodging more abuses, as if the ones I was receiving year-round from my step-father at home weren’t enough.

hesperia desert

As an adult, I find that I still have negative feelings about summer. I am not sure why other than I am not a big fan of heat and I have spent most of my adult life living in the Mojave desert and summers come along with excessive temperatures and the older I get the less I am able to handle them. Unfortunately, currently because of the cancer, I am stuck right where I am and have had to deal with yet another summer of blistering heat with little to no relief or reprieve.


As we end August and step into September I am filled with with a sense of “Thank God” that the heat is on it’s way out and the beauty of autumn is on it’s way in. Sadly, where I live I will see little visual change of the seasons. There are no trees here to watch the turning of the leaves and instead I am surrounded by sage brush and a whole lot of desert dirt and sand. I long for Oregon where the change of seasons brings with it an explosion of wondrous color that I would be hard pressed to compare to anywhere else I have ever lived.

autumn leaves oregon


Inside my home I have surrounded myself in those rich colors of fall; the reds, oranges and golds that make me feel like I have infused my surroundings with a tiny piece of Oregon and I find it soothing. Autumn is my favorite season, right down to the very last leaf precariously twisting in the winds of winters approach.


Although the coming season will be short and I won’t be heading “back to school” I will be savoring the cooler weather and the occasional trip to somewhere, anywhere I can find a street lined with trees just so that I can pretend for a minute that I am back home in Oregon. 

What is your favorite season and why?

5 comments on “Bidding Adieu to Summer

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  3. soulcurrynrice
    August 27, 2014

    That shot with the red fallen leaves us a true gem.. A ruby..


  4. soulcurrynrice
    August 27, 2014

    *Red fallen leaves is a true gem..


  5. Susanne Breisch
    August 29, 2014

    I have always liked Spring, though it tends to be rather short. I grew up in Pittsburgh, and the weather there tends to be rather gray. (Particularly winter!) So, when Winter was grinding to a halt, first – small signs of spring were everywhere, but you had to look for it. Then, almost overnight, exotic blooms on trees, and lovely flowers were everywhere!) I thought it was magic, and always marveled at how nature recreates herself every year, without fail. The first green of spring is a color I always cherish – very bright – almost lime, but not so out there. Now I live in Florida, and although I would rather be a snowbird, I still love Florida: the weather can be very brutal (the thunderstorms), but mostly it is very soft and lovely. Particularly when there is a breeze.


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