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10 Things I Never Want To Do … Ever

by Cheri Roberts, Cheri Speak, Challenging the Rhetoric

Every one has things they would never do. Or at least, they would never do if they could absolutely avoid it. Here are 10 things I never want to do … call it my, “non” bucket-list:

Skydive or Bungee Jump

I am afraid of heights. Not to the extent that I cannot be on top floors of tall buildings, but when it comes to things where the saying, “What goes up must come down … ” could end in tragedy? Yeh, no thank you. Count me out! The best you will get is me sliding down a snow-covered mountain with my ass firmly situated in an inner-tube.

Eat Bugs

Ewww. I suppose there may come a time, for survival sake, this could actually become a reality, but ewww. I have a hard time with food because of all the crap I know about the crap that’s in it. Eating red M & M’s made from beetles is as close as I willingly get to bugs.

Drink Blood

Who wants to do this? Never mind. I know there is already a long list of people who profess to have drunk human blood, but gross! I wouldn’t do it even if it made me live longer. I gag at the writing of such a possibility. Angelina can have my share, I’ll take a diet coke instead.

Have Sex With an Animal

I think each of us know a story about someone who allegedly had sex with their dog [or other animal]. I don’t want to know the details though as I am still trying to overcome the trauma of actually having seen such a thing on the way to school one day as a teenager. There is not enough mind bleach in the world …

Go to China

Any place that quietly encourages backdoor abortions due to a mandate that discourages multiple children is nowhere, and I mean nowhere, I ever want to visit. There is not enough beauty in a country to lure me away from a strong held moral.

Die After My Children

The idea of my children passing away before me by disease or accident shatter me to the core. I cannot imagine it and I pray to God I never experience it. My paternal grandmother lost several children before she ultimately passed away herself. It was heartbreaking.

Die Alone

Speaking of dying, I do not want to be alone when I die. I think, no matter how fast [or slow] it happens, however unexpected, you still know you are going to die. I cannot imagine the weight and weightlessness of such a visceral knowledge and I would want to look a caring human in the eye or hear a loving voice in those final seconds.

Be Alone on a Deserted Island … or the Moon

Being alone must be a theme! No seriously though, I do like to be alone most of the time. I can be a bit of a hermit on many levels, but there are certain times or places I simply do not want to be alone and deserted islands and deep-space are on that list. The only upside is no one would see me die of insanity because that kind of isolation would surely send me there.

Lose My Ability to Create

I am a very creative person. I sing, draw, write … I love to create. It makes me feel I have a purpose and the things I create I hope become things of worth; things to be remembered by. Creativity is also an outlet that only those who are creative can fully understand that absolute need of expressing.

Be Forgotten

For as long as I can remember I have feared being forgotten. I have no idea where exactly it stems from, it’s just one of those unexplained neurosis’. I have written about this a couple of times (HERE and HERE)  in the past. I just have a serious desire to be remembered for something good.

How about you? What 10 things would you never do if you could avoid them?


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