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I’m a “White” Girl



If you listed things that fell under the term “bad habits” I’m sure the usual suspects like smoking, and over eating, or drug and alcohol use would be at the top of that list, followed by nail-biting and maybe even that irritating clinkitty clink of the spoon as it goes round and round in someone’s cup of tea. And somewhere on that list racism will make an appearance, probably somewhere low because it’s 2010 we don’t have that bad habit anymore!

Or do we?

What if I said we all participate in or witness a viral form of bigotry every day, most without consciously realizing it, just like a bad habit? We have a ridiculous verbal preoccupation with skin color and have somehow made ethnic labeling a part of not only every day conversation but, everyday language itself.

I challenge you to cognitively count how many times in a single day you – or those talking to you or around you, use a racial descriptor before words like guy, boy, kid, man, woman, girl, lady, etc..

Think about it. Did someone tell you about the “Mexican” guy that lives on their block or did you find yourself retelling a moment when you saw the cutest little “black” girl at the store or even find yourself looking at someone thinking not bad for a “white chick”? If you start counting, I guarantee you will be surprised.

If one “white guy” is talking to another “white” guy about a “white” guy he isn’t going to describe him as a “white” guy , in fact he probably wont mention that he’s a “white” guy at all, yet, if one “white” guy is talking to another “white” guy about a “black” guy the one talking will say exactly that, a “ black guy”. Why isn’t he just a guy?

2 comments on “I’m a “White” Girl

  1. ajmacdonaldjr
    December 14, 2014

    It’s not necessarily racist to describe people by race during a conversation. We describe people by gender too. Whether we’re having a conversation or writing a novel our intention is to create a picture of the person (character) in someone’s imagination by describing them as they appear. Race isn’t an irrelevant aspect of who someone is. Race is an important aspect of who someone is. Race includes not only one’s skin color but one’s culture too.


  2. charleskafka2013
    December 14, 2014

    it’s hard to come up with descriptions that aren’t racist, or limiting, in some way.
    or that someone could take offence to..
    a line has to be drawn somewhere, we should be allowed some sort of description, without stepping on someone’s toes…
    anyway, i’ll leave it up to everyone else to come up with some safe standards,
    or maybe someone will come up with an insight, where we can feel free to use language that edifies instead of limits.
    though i know a few people who would also take offence to having their good qualities pointed out.
    what everyone else comes up with on this, i’ll go along with.
    as long as they end the wars, end torture, and human (and animal) rights violations, end fiat currency, and central banks.
    and we can return this world to normal.
    bytheway, you can call me just about anything..
    just be careful about what you call my friends/coworkers and family.
    i will correct your english … 🙂


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