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Stalking is Against the Law; Except When Governments and Corporations Do It

Challenging the Rhetoric

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By Cheri RobertsChallenging the RhetoricCheri Speak

Somewhere along the line, between the secretive NSA spying and the in your face data mining by corporations, we have become blase` about being tracked and having our privacy infringed upon at every turn. Have we become numb or accepting or both? We seem to have acquiesced and our waning high-horse rhetoric is falling flat in the face of our stalkers who intentionally prey on the human vulnerabilities and vanities that make us weak to their ways and wares.

Who Are You?

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Social Media has turned us all into mini-celebrities with followings; having a stalker, any kind of stalker, is par for the course, right? Who cares if it’s intrusive, unconstitutional or just plain unethical? Who cares if it’s kind of creepy or if people are getting ridiculously rich off of our postings of YouTube videos, kitty memes and outraged [or just outrageous] comments? Who cares…

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