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The LOCUST are Coming Via the U.S. Navy


IMAGE SOURCE: screenshot via usnavyresearch youTube channel

By Cheri Roberts

The Office of Naval Research Science & Technology has released a video demonstrating it’s newest endeavors in drone warfare. Imagine drones by the swarm, attacking like locust, in fact, the program is called “LOCUST for Low-Cost UAV Swarming Technology. I can hear the extreme end-timers aligning this new program with the Biblical prophesies and locust as a judgement from God, and although they could be right, I digress.

In the video below you can see what these new drones can do en masse.

Drone On

It’s not pretty and whether or not this is the right direction and will save lives is still teetering on the moral fence. Our drones have already killed countless innocent civilians in other countries; they have been used for Govt. surveillance here in the States;  and they have also been used by perverts and freaks to invade — sometimes filming and publishing, the privacy others. Unless you are a fervent head-in-the-sand “Patriot” whose Govt. and military can do no wrong, you cannot deny that drone stories haven’t been all that positive. The paid-for propaganda you see in Corporate or Govt. media doesn’t count.

Poison Can Be Pretty

Sure drones are cool. Just like lots of other technologies are cool. We are seduced by technology and it’s infinite possibilities, rarely stopping to think about it’s implications. I’ve always believed the “People” have the Constitutional right to “bear arms”, but often argued as to what that meant. I’ve never been an advocate that the 2nd Amendment included things like tanks and such, but with technology like LOCUST, “The People” would never have a chance in the event of absolute tyranny. If Hitler could pull-off what he did with no technology, imagine what any government could do with this.


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One comment on “The LOCUST are Coming Via the U.S. Navy

  1. Robert
    April 15, 2015

    Tiny terminators 😦

    Liked by 1 person

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