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The Peanut Gallery


I know, I know, Steller’s Jays are not the nicest of birds, they’re bullies (to other birds),  but they are absolutely beautiful and funnier than hell in the right circumstances. They also make many bird calls that are not their own by mimicking those around them. Thus far we have heard the Jays mimic Cow Birds, Red Wing Black Birds and White Crowned Sparrows.

We have wild bird seed in feeders on the deck rail and most often the Steller’s Jays will take more than their fair share while scaring off other, smaller birds. A friend who used to own a wild bird feeder store turned us on to putting out peanuts in the shell, so we did.

The Jays go ape-shit for them and leave the regular feeders alone more often while they hit on and then take off with the peanuts. After about a week of putting the peanuts out, I have been able to coax them closer to me each day. Now they will come within two-feet of me (if I am still) just to grab one and take off. Soon they will just take them from my hand when offered.

This morning I put out a small pile of peanuts  took pictures of me Siletz River Peanut Gallery. The Jays seem to not like them in a pile. The first one that is brave enough to come over will pick up and move or toss each one of them so they are all scattered before he takes one for himself and flies away.


 *I made a little video of this happening however the internet strength out here is primitive for uploading video.

Now it's my turn to listen...

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