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Inconspicuous Consumption Does Not Make You Exempt



By Cheri Roberts

Someone recently said to me,

” … yeh, but I don’t participate in conspicuous consumption.”

The phrase didn’t come off as an appropriate response to my statement and the person is an academic so I asked them to define the term.


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As I let them talk I was simultaneously Googling the phrase to see what the actual definition was and wasn’t and as it turned out, I was correct that their usage was out of context and in fact pointed to a much larger problem than someone keeping up with the Jones’s Kardashians for all to see and envy, i.e. conspicuous consumption.

What could be worse than being a status flashing consumer who could care less about what their consumption means psychologically or physically; let alone environmentally and beyond?



I’ll tell you what’s worse …

… someone who consumes just as much and  justifies their consumption simply because they are not “conspicuously” consuming by buying Hummers and fancy vacations saying “look at me look at me”.

Consumption is consumption is consumption; whether you showcase it like a trophy or hide it away behind closed doors. Inconspicuous consumption does not make you exempt or any better. In fact, it kind of makes you a hypocrite.

Now it's my turn to listen...

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