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An “Extra” Terrestrial Question


I just gotta know … why do we use the term “EXTRA Terrestrial”??

The word “EXTRA” means …

more than is usual or necessary” …

… and the word “TERRESTRIAL” means …

relating to or occurring on the earth, ie, living or growing on land instead of in water or air.”

So obviously, pairing the words “extra” and “terrestrial” (by definition) does not mean little green men or the Greys etc., in fact, our chosen term would mean in actuality, that so-called otherworldly “aliens”, are more earthly and belonging on this planet than we.

So, are YOU the “Extra” Terrestrial?

2 comments on “An “Extra” Terrestrial Question

  1. micklively
    July 16, 2015

    Extraterrestrial is not originally English but Latin, where Extra means outside, except, beyond. Did you not know that little green men are fluent in Latin?


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