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3 Reasons Why a Handshake is Not Enough

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Doing business on a handshake hasn’t always been the smartest idea. Freelancers especially will attest to this, but if you have ever traded anything with someone you know or love, then you know someone seems to always come out of the deal with a lot less in reciprocal value then they bargained for.

This phenomena isn’t exclusive for deals made between friends though, it happens all of the time.

Why Does This Happen?

Question Mark Red Dice As Symbol For Information Question Mark Red Dice As Symbol For Information

There are a lot of reasons. Sometimes it is hard to do business with people you have personal relationships with. Other times, those very people can become your best barter buddies. It’s all in the expectations and the weight each participant is putting on the deal itself and the value they are placing on what is being negotiated.

Whether you are making a trade with someone you already know or…

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