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The Humble Remains of a Crumbling Humanity

Challenging the Rhetoric

By Cheri Roberts of Challenging the Rhetoric and Cheri Speak 

Saturday will mark 10-years, a decade, since a category-3 Hurricane, named Katrina, made landfall in Louisiana and the world watched as our country fell apart on live TV. The images and sounds from inside and outside of the Superdome can never be erased from our conscience. August 29, 2005 and the long days that followed will forever be painfully etched in American history as one of our most embarrassing and shameful moments as a nation.

The failures of our government before, during and after were too many; their excuses too weak. When they did step-up for their photo-op, it was too little too late and at least 1,833 human lives across five states were unnecessarily lost; countless others displaced.

When media can get in, but basic essential supplies to sustain life cannot, you know you live in a true dystopian world.

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Now it's my turn to listen...

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