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On a day that I know matters so much to all of you (be sure to take with a few grains of salt). Since that horrible day we call, “9/11” I have worked with you, I have cried with you, I have ridden the self righteous horse with you. I have been lifted-up by you and I have also been beaten-up by you over the years.

Outreach requires you to actually REACH OUT … NOT … alienate, divide or push away. TOO MANY so-called activists I know have become like the very “elitists” they say they hate so much.

Stop fighting each other.

Stop the BS circular ad hominem debate that has sucked you in for so many years and taken you out of the real game of DOING SOMETHING.

Too many throw the word “fact” out with such authority, authority that does not exist and in doing so make great contributions to the noise of disinformation and the obscene growth of a very out of tune choir who are all singing different songs.

Endless online debate with similar minded people regurgitating the same thing is nothing more than a waste of time and an ego stroke. Of course that time IS yours to waste, and that ego is yours to stroke, but please, stop pretending you are actually contributing to solutions and take a good hard look in the mirror to see who you have become and make the necessary adjustments. There is a kinder, gentler person in there. There is a person in there who genuinely cares, but one who, somewhere along the way, lost sight of why they cared and the mission became about being “right” at all costs … whether or not right is wrong.

14 very long years have passed. We really are no further than we were before most of you even began questioning what happened that day. Have you ever genuinely asked yourselves WHY so many of the original activists on this issue have changed their tactics of outreach? None of us dropped off the planet. None of us (except the Charlie Veitch’s of the world) has changed our minds. What we have changed, is our attitudes. What we have changed, that is the best thing any of us could impart on you, is that we have grown, including “grown-up” and over all these years we have learned from our own mistakes, however painful, and ADJUSTED, and corrected and genuinely did learn from our mistakes.

You all talk of (very real) agent provocateurs and then publicly claim that of each other when debate escalates and you are in a corner. You talk of trolls, yet do not see that you yourself are a troll too. Don’t be a troll. When you reach out, reach out with heart, not a pointy spear.

I love you all. I love the real heart that I know brought all of us together in one place/way or another.

I hate the mess that has been left in our wake.

If these words galvanize you to do nothing more than unfriend me on FB, so be it. But, if they actually make you take pause and rethink your strategy, your “elitist” attitude and your delivery … Even if you have the best and most accurate information in the world, your delivery of said information is just as damaging as non-facts.

Remember, United we stand, but divided…we do…FALL.

P.S. Now I’ve said my piece and I’ve made my peace. If you attack me for these words, it’s OK. I won’t be coming back and forth debating them. Today means something more to me. I hope it means something more to you too.

P.P.S. Please take 5-minutes to really listen.


~ Cheri

Now it's my turn to listen...

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