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What Our Online Self Teaches Our Children

Challenging the Rhetoric

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By Cheri Roberts of Challenging the Rhetoric and Cheri Speak

I find it ironic when someone who is often inappropriate, pridefully argues in favor of their own facetiousness (ie inappropriateness), so let me add a little sarcasm to that … Duh!

The words; ironic, facetiousness and sarcasm, are used in their proper context above. In modern language however, we have a tendency to misuse words or to recreate their meanings out of laziness and ignorance or even just to suit our own needs.

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Today, too much emphasis is placed on semantics. Egos Personal rhetoric gets in the way of real discussion. Who can have a conversation if one cannot move beyond the need to be “right”; even if or when, right is obviously wrong?

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When potential engagement turns to semantics, conversation is stunted or stopped while a debate ensues. Once debate begins, ad hominem digs become the crutches…

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2 comments on “What Our Online Self Teaches Our Children

  1. Maya
    December 2, 2015

    Very well written love it


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