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FBI Fuels Conspiracy Cover-Up Flames Over LaVoy Finicum Shooting

Challenging the Rhetoric

lavoy suv rooh with bullet hole

By CHERI ROBERTS for Challenging the Rhetoric

All law enforcement, whether State or Federal, have an obligation to the citizens they protect. That obligation is one of honest transparency when situations unfold so that real facts can be understood and eventfully accepted. In the case of  the January 26, shooting of LaVoy Finicum, 5 Federal agents are currently under investigation for non-disclosure of 2 non-lethal shots fired by an agent during the initial exchange at the roadblock; 4 others are alleged to have  covered it up after the fact. This is unacceptable, if proven to be true.

Too often those is authority sweep things under the proverbial rug to their own detriment. In a tech-rich and savvy society, separating fact from fiction is tough enough, but when the fiction originates from those in power the shift of distrust is quick and fierce. Honest investigations have no place for deceit and after so many officer…

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