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Gary Hunt and Ryan Payne Look into Background of Bundy Driver Mark McConnell

Challenging the Rhetoric

By CHERI ROBERTS for Challenging the Rhetoric

According to a new FBI document* Tweeted by The Oregonian‘s, Maxine Bernstein, militia kingpin Gary Hunt, of Operation Mutual Defense (OMD) — now Operation Mutual Aid (OMA), had a February 8, monitored jailhouse phone conversation with Ryan Payne, a co-defendant in both the Oregon and Nevada, Bundy armed standoffs.

As the document reads, the two specifically discussed the actions of Arizona lll% leader, Mark McConnell, among other things.

Who Is McConnell?

On January 26, McConnell was driving his Jeep en route to a meeting in John Day, Oregon with passengers Ammon Bundy and Brian ‘Booda’ Cavalier.

When a felony traffic stop ensued, McConnell immediately pulled over and followed Oregon State Police (OSP) instructions, as…

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2 comments on “Gary Hunt and Ryan Payne Look into Background of Bundy Driver Mark McConnell

  1. Gary Hunt
    June 29, 2016

    What you might also find interesting is that the “report” mentioned McConnell, by name. However, it did not mention the name of the person we had discussed with regard to the OMD email. This raises the question as to why they mention some names and not others. I have found this in my articles about KC Massey and Schuyler Barbeau, where those that are to be protected will not be mentioned in any reports. This would lead to the conclusion that McConnell was not working with the feds, regardless of his actions.
    Let me put this another way. I had questions about McConnell. I interviewed him while he was returning to Arizona shortly after the murder of LaVoy Finicum. There is no doubt that I was concerned about whether he had a role in working with the government, but I was focused only on what he saw and what he heard.
    My concern led to another interview, about a month ago. He answered some questions that Ryan could not answer, as Ryan knew that the calls were being recorded. After that interview, I could still find nothing that would tie McConnell to the government, though he is hanging out with someone that is also under suspicion of working with the government. However, that could be that he is an ‘associate’, or that he is trying to find something on McConnell.
    When I first received and read the report discussed in this blog, I could only conclude that McConnell was not working for the government, for the reason stated above.

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    • Cheri
      June 29, 2016

      Thank you Gary for chiming in. Everyone keeps telling me I need to have you come on my show. Are you interested?


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