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MY RESPONSE TO: Why Are So Many MMA Fighters Truthers, Conspiracists, And Just Plain Weird?


I know a LOT of MMA fighters. Known ones. Unknown ones. Great ones. So so ones. Males. Females … Having an ex UFC fighter and long time cage fight promoter as a brother has put me in the mix of the MMA world on different levels for decades. I myself trained in his former gym and taught my own classes there many many years ago. And I have worked many of the fights in one capacity or another over the years as well.

Many of the people in this article, I personally know or have met. They are not people I just know of.

MMA article

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I found this to be a very interesting article because my path in the conspiracy world never once crossed paths with any of them, except having mutual guests/interviews same as Joe Rogan. Instead, it was my MMA family that brought these people into my sphere.

You would think it would have been the other way around. And it would be had the very thing I have been talking about for years were not true.

Around 2008, when the Tea Party began in earnest, lifting up Ron Paul and Alex Jones…is when the phenomena, as portrayed in this article of these characteristics, really began. Those who were of the original front of 9/11 Truth, like me, are nothing like those who represent 9/11 Truth to the masses today.

That being said. I wholeheartedly agree with the deeper premise of this article; about the early backgrounds of these, and other fighters. And THAT I think is a much more important story that should be told in earnest.

Now it's my turn to listen...

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