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LIAR OF THE WEEK: Patriot Princess Sarah Redd Buck Boldly Lies About Inflight Photo

Challenging the Rhetoric


By CHERI ROBERTS for Challenging the Rhetoric

In the land of the internet, it is easy to find any image and say that somehow we are a part of whatever situation the image portrays. Patriot princess Sarah Redd Buck has tried to do exactly that in her recent Facebook post screencapped below.

srb fake photo IMAGE SOURCE: SRB Facebook page

What she doesn’t tell you, is that the picture in question was NOT on any flight she herself was on and therefore her story is once again full of holes and her intentions are nothing but, questionable.

Lucky for us, technology not only allows someone like Redd Buck to kype someone else’s images to create her fairy-tales, it also allows internet savvy journalists the opportunity to easily highlight her lies via reverse image searches to prove where any photo originates; or in this case, to prove someone a liar.

Here below, is the original picture…

srb fake flight photo IMAGE SOURCE:…

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3 comments on “LIAR OF THE WEEK: Patriot Princess Sarah Redd Buck Boldly Lies About Inflight Photo

  1. sandrashultz805
    July 7, 2016

    I was wondering if you new anyone in ohio that could help me.I was tould by an attorney add that my case for forclosure was filed 6/29/2016. happy 4th Sandra .I had hired first lawyer who was sopped to help me with the three home that have been taken from me.IM not a deadbeat home owner and my home was not underwater.I was not taught however about REMIC TRUST ,The 1933 acts ,and the dept indentures.I HAVE real evidence on my case but I cant seem to get anyone to keep it.Last bully lawyer was x state attorney general marc dann who promotes 99 homes and the big short.WHO I HAVE a live recording of him ,,,asking me what wrongs do I think have been done to me.I suffer from a post tramatic disorder from my childhood,after having someone drive me 2 hour to Cleveland and the way he talked treated me was a major crash for me.I was frozen in fear ….could hardly speak but my friend that was with me recorded it and yes MR. DANN said it was ok.After I send copys of some evidence…to his office he sends a letter to my friend stating he has worked with mentally ill people and helped them in the past but unfurtuly he is filling a petion to drop his reprecent me .THEN A WEEK LATER I GET A PACKET with half my documents and a letter that I didn’t send paperwork so there for he could represent me now I payed him 1700.00 or maybe more .and got nothing in return ..I have information that is real ….but im afraid that there all in it together.Dont ask me how I have kept this stuff for 12 years but I havr it most of the stuff has been removed from google with a line…LAKESIDE TITLE was involved and HUD and a Diana P…..don’t want to say to much but could you ,lead me to a really person. thank you sandra


    • Cheri
      July 7, 2016

      I wouldn’t know where to start really, but I can say that attorneys are definitely people you need to be able to get a long with and not be intimidated by if they are being paid and working for you. Have you tried getting a new attorney? Maybe find a similar case to yours and find out who is representing them?


      • sandrashultz805
        July 8, 2016

        Yes this is the second lawyer .OUR Parents cant teach us something there parents didn’t teach then.In 1933 they passed a securities ACT.The United States SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSIOM Washington ,D.C. 20549. Most people like me tax paying layman have never heared of this.In my day we were taught to believe it was all about the AMERICAN DREAM (HOME).They have shamed home owner into not fighting or looking for TRUTH by saying the DEADBEAT HOME OWER Wanting a free home.Sadly because of there greed they created a shell company called MERS.Now every state county records property records are wrong.This recording the land dowery of the land has worked for over 200 years.I worked 6 days a week midnight shift as a grinder I was a single provider.Now as one person puts it they ….making lemonaid out of lemons.(and I GUESS they have cant make anymore off me because they have taken it all) This is why there are so many forclosures in the United States.There are REMIC TRUST ,these certificates The TRUST INDENTURE ACT 1939 (TIA)have been amended.I love how we talk in all capital letters I was taught a few DUI FBI CIA that’s about all I KNOW but David Dayen wrote a book with truth in it.These trust are really indeptness (MSR) American mortgage notes were put in theses trust put on Wall street,the 2008 crisis lol .Trust have mature dates 30 years..What is happening is the companys have filed bank r ,government now owns the trust freedie mac so on…..we all know there broke …..KNOW lawyers will except you ,other than to litagate. You know your an expert at anything when you know enough,that the truth can put you in danger thanks CHERI Sandra in Ohio fighting the BANKS and there bullys

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